Top 10 destination wedding invitation tips

Top 10 destination wedding invitation tips


If you and your fiancé are planning on tying the knot in a special destination wedding, it’s important to make the invitation stand out. With the destination being something special, there are lots of ways to make the wedding invitations, special too. Here are our top 10 destination wedding invitation tips. 


#1: Save the date.
When it comes to a destination wedding, these cards are very beneficial. They give guests additional notice to help plan for time off work, in addition to giving them time to look at flights and arrange other necessary trip details. It’s not uncommon to send these cards out nine months to a year in advance.

#2: Keep it unique.
If you love the traditional invitation look, great! However, many couples that are choosing a destination wedding want to make their invitations stand out in a special way. You could choose a themed invitation or something that is unique to you as a couple – get creative!

#3: Keep affordability in mind.
Invitations are important, but when thinking about your overall budget, consider spending the bulk of your money on the actual destination and ceremony. Unless people plan on saving the invitation as part as a memento or keepsake for many years to come, there isn’t a need to spend incredible amounts on the paper.

#4: Think about specific wedding details.
In addition to the standard wedding date, time and location, consider adding directions to the venue, or other accommodation information that is necessary. If you are going to a country that many people have not been to, it’s nice to include any information about transportation and currency exchange rates, too. 

#5: Include events.
In addition to the invitations, it is common for couples to order another card to include that has the wedding events on there. This could be a special bonfire, goodbye brunch, welcome lunch, group dinner nights, etc. If you plan on offering any special events like this, be clear on what and when those are.

#6: Plan ahead.
Plan on sending your invitations out at least three months ahead of time. This will allow for plenty of planning time for your guests.

#7: Be specific.
A destination wedding is usually a smaller, more intimate event, so keep this in mind when creating your guest and invitation list. Be specific in your invitation language on who is invited. For example, Mary and Bryan versus Mary and Bryan + family. Keep them clear, concise, and informative.

#8: Engage your guests.
Your destination wedding is going to be a memorable time and full of special adventures, so it’s fun to get your guests engaged in the event from the moment they open the invitation! Ask them what their favorite dance song is, what drink they like the most, or what they would like to see during their trip to your wedding.

#9: Reflect you as a couple.
Don’t get lost in all the bells and whistles, but instead keep your invitation original to you. Have fun with them and make sure they reflect who you are, not what everyone else is doing. 

#10: Consider a website.
If the details for your destination wedding are too many for an invitation, consider creating a free wedding website that includes all the details your guests might need such as weather information, local attractions, and more. 

Your destination wedding will be an exciting time and the invitations are just the beginning! Contact our team at Vincent Vacations to start planning your destination wedding today!