Questions to ask when booking

Is the date we want for our wedding available? Does the price change based on the time of day or other variables?

How many weddings take place here in an average month? On a typical day?

Do you have on-site wedding coordinators? What does she do? Is there a fee for her services?

Can we count on assistance acquiring a marriage license?

How many different types of guest rooms do you have, and can we see one of each category?

What amenities does a bridal couple receive?

Can you accommodate all our guests on that date and the day(s) before and after? Is a group discount available?

If you don’t have enough rooms for our guests, where are the closest places they can stay?

What kind of wedding ceremony and reception packages are offered, what do they include, and how’re they priced?

Do you charge a facility-usage fee?

What are our options for ceremony and reception locations?

How far apart are the ceremony and reception spaces we prefer? If our ceremony and reception sites are beyond walking distance, what are the transportation options?

Can we use a caterer, florist, musicians, and officiant of our choice, or are we obligated to work with your vendors?

How are the spaces normally decorated? Are there particular themes available? What is the price range?

Do you have a curfew or volume restriction on music?

What types of activities can our guests participate in before and after the wedding?

Are children permitted at the resort? If so, what facilities exist for them?

Has the property been hit by bad weather recently and suffered any damages?

Are any renovations planned, and if so, will noise disturb the festivities?

Does the property carry liability insurance? Is it necessary for us to buy additional event insurance?

Who would be our primary contact person if we decide to book our wedding here? Can we meet with him before we go?

How much of a deposit is required, under what circumstances is it refundable, and when is the final payment due?

How soon should we plan on arriving before the wedding?

Getting direct answers that you’re comfortable with can confirm that you’ve come to the right place to hold your destination wedding.


After picking the right partner, choosing the right location for your destination wedding is one of the most important decisions you make (and also one of the most fun). All Inclusive Weddings can help you brainstorm potential places that fit your needs, taste, and budget and help lead you to a decision. The rest of this article takes a closer look at specific locations worth considering — from places in the United States and Canada to exotic tropical islands to chic European cities. We even tell you what you can expect if you’re thinking of sailing into matrimony on a cruise ship. So get ready for some globetrotting armchair travel.


Finding the Right Destination: There’s a Place for You

If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, congratulations. You’re embarking on an experience you won’t ever forget. Now the big question looms: Where?



Before you start the decision-making process, understand that a destination wedding location consists of three parts, all of which you need to line up. Normally the process follows this order, drilling down from general to specific: choose a destination, a resort, and a property.

The site is the physical space where you’ll speak your vows, such as in a chapel, on the beach, or on a terrace.



Too chilly for swimming much of the year, Bermuda blossoms in summer.



Hurricane season stretches from June to November, but doesn’t reach Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao.



Summer, the rainy season, is extremely hot and humid country-wide.

Checking in on hotel and all inclusive resorts

Couples with active, love-to-party guests may find an all-inclusive resort the most costefficient option for their tribe. Not only can guests eat, drink, and play to their heart’s content, their revelry remains safely within the perimeter of a protected property. The appeal of an all-inclusive is that you pay one price that covers food, drinks, lodging, sports, and entertainment during your stay. Spa treatments and excursions are normally extra.


To make their facilities even more enticing, some all-inclusive resorts offer a free basic wedding package to couples who commit to spending a minimum number of honeymoon days there after the ceremony.

Mexico and the Caribbean are home to the majority of all-inclusive resorts that promote wedding packages ranging from modest to spectacular. Nearly every one offers the choice of setting the wedding on the beach or in a gazebo, chapel, or tropical garden. (See Figure 6-1 for an example of a better all inclusive resort.)

Weddings by Palladium Costa Mujeres

Such a pleasure having you in our little paradise!

Let me introduce myself again: my name is Marlene Pelayo, your Wedding Sales Specialist at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & SPA and I will be more than happy to help you with all the information you need to plan your clients perfect wedding!

Attached you will find our tentative dossier with the Brand New Wedding Collections from the acclaimed wedding expert Karen Bussen. She has designed a complete line of beautiful collections exclusively for our resorts. The colors, fabrics, and flowers are fabulous and there is a wide variety of styles plus lots of fun and pretty details for you to choose from. I’m sure you will find here the perfect option for your clients!

Feel free to share with me if your clients have any preferred wedding dates, so I can verify the availability in our wedding calendar. Our times and locations are subject to first come and first serve basis. In case they are interested in any available date I can hold tentatively the date for you in our calendars.

Note that we can hold this date during 48 hours without a deposit, if you would like to confirm the date, a $300usd deposit is required ( non refundable in case of cancelation ). An additional $1,000 USD deposit will be required in order to book a Private Reception location. Both deposits will go towards the final balance and they’re not refundable in case of cancellation.

Important: the couple is required to arrive at the resort at least 2 business days (Monday-Friday) prior to the wedding date; 4 days in case of a civil/legal ceremony.

HERE you’ll find our “Wedding Information Form”, which I’ll need in order to know a little bit more about what the couple is looking for, and will also be required when you request to hold a date.

You’ll find our Ceremony Locations HERE

You’ll find our Private Reception Locations HERE

Our available special PROMOTIONS: valid just for United States and Canada.

  • FREE WEDDING PACKAGE: Book your wedding with a minimum of 12 rooms, staying for a min 4 nights or 48 room nights with 24 adults paying, and receive a FREE Wedding Package with basic decoration or $500 USD credit to be applied to any of our Karen Bussen Wedding Collections. Not combinable with Pre-Wedding Site Inspection.
  • FREE COCKTAIL HOUR: Book your wedding with at least 30 people and get a free cocktail hour for 30 people (service must take place before or after the wedding day). Date, time and venue are subject to availability.

Please take a look at our FAQ HERE

Do not hesitate to contact me back in case you need further information, I will be more than happy to assist you!