4 Secrets to Planning

4 secrets to planning the perfect destination wedding.

1. Deciding if a destination wedding is for you

2. How to find your destination wedding location

3. Making the most of your destination wedding

4. Your destination wedding – big ticket items to start your plan

Once you understand the key questions, you’re ready to enjoy the wedding of your dreams!

1. Deciding if a Destination wedding is for you?

= Destination weddings are wonderful if you love adventure and travel. Whether you love the beach, mountains, or natural rainforests – you’ll find a destination wedding to match!

When you have a wedding at home they are often just one special day. However, destination weddings can last an entire week or more!

= Weddings at home can be expensive. Alternatively, a destination wedding can cost a fraction of a home wedding.

= You’ll have the option of a local wedding planner. Yes, there’s a cost, but brides and
grooms love the help.

You can get married in a particular location. You’ll experience the beauty of getting
married while enjoying a relaxing holiday feeling.

2. How to find your destination wedding location?

Your wedding needs to be in the perfect location for YOU. You want an unforgettable location to make your dream wedding one to remember. Here are our top tips:

= Choose somewhere that’s very special. For example, did you have a special vacation anywhere?

Choose somewhere where your family is from. It’s an excellent way to go back to your roots!

= If you’re planning your honeymoon location, why not have the wedding there too?

= Where have you dreamt of visiting? Bring that into reality and have your wedding in your dream holiday destination!

= Where have your friends married before? Of course, you could always choose the same place and talk about the experience with them.

= Always consider your budget. Which destinations match your budget?

3. Making the most of your destination wedding

So, you’ve made it to your dream destination? Now to make the most of this arrangement.

= Have your honeymoon and wedding in the same special location, why not double up?

= Why not invite all guests a week before the wedding? That way, they can all enjoy the destination.

= Alternatively, you could always spend time relaxing with your family after the wedding.

= If you’re looking for an excellent deal – and we all love a great deal – you can book in the off-season

You should be patient! Remember, it’s a foreign country with a different culture, and things don’t always work the same. Once you realize that, you’ll begin to enjoy your time more.

4. Your destination wedding – big-ticket items to start your plan

Once you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, there are some key things that you need to plan. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your destination wedding is one to remember!

1) What wedding setting do you want? Would you like it to be inside or outside?

2) Wedding rituals are important when you plan a wedding. Will you have a traditional, religious, or civil wedding?

3) Which country will you choose? Depending on where you go, you’ll have to check all the legal aspects, documentation, and apply for a wedding license.

4) Decide the time of the day; would you prefer an afternoon wedding or a sunset marriage on a tropical beach?

5) What type of reception would you like? For example, would you prefer formal dining or a buffet?

6) Package wedding? Would you like a package holiday, including food, drink, and live entertainment?

7) You could always use the services of a wedding planner! Wedding planners are excellent at providing you the best possible day, but make sure you ask plenty of questions.

8) Who do you want to invite? Who will you be obligated to invite? Your guest list is obviously crucial, so make sure you start writing down the names of people that you want to invite on a potential invite list. This makes it much more helpful to define your final guest list.

9) What is your budget? As you’d expect, some places are more expensive than others, so you should plan to get the best deal!

Start with the costs that you know, and by doing this, you’ll be off to a great start. In addition, this is where a wedding planner can be crucial because they have experience in handling wedding costs. You should also consider package holidays because they can save you a lot of money.

Before you leave to fly out:

1. Airfares & transport to the airport.

2. Visas for the country of entry (check how long in advance you need to apply for any visa, some countries application process is longer than others and you many need time to order certain documents yourself for the application).

3. Marriage license cost – make sure you get the legalities right (check how long the process is and again, you may need time to order and collate documents for the application. Check any start and finish date for the license).