What A Texan Bride Expects from a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are gaining more popularity every year! They are a great way to save money and to have a more intimate celebration. There are so many reasons a Texas bride would choose to have a destination wedding! Lets begin to explore some of the fun and unique perks that brides from Texas would love to have as a part of their festivities.

Doesn’t every bride fantasize of making a grand entrance to her wedding? Can you picture the gasps of delight and surprise when your guests see you arrive to the ceremony in style as you glide onto the beach in your hot air balloon? At Dreams LaRomana in the Dominican Republic your fantasy can become a reality! We all know Texans like things bigger and better. This is a sure way to make an impact and keep people talking for years to come!

Imagine that since your food and beverages are already included in the resort stay for yourselves and all of your guests, that you feel inspired to host your friends and family for a fun experience in lieu of a rehearsal dinner. How about taking a beautiful champagne sail as you all watch the sunset together and toast to new beginnings? When your wedding is on a beautiful beach, this is simple to arrange. Ask us how!

As you research and plan for your wedding, you may have noticed that rustic decor and farm to table decor is very popular in Texas right now. If this is something that you are interested in, you CAN have your cake and eat it too! You can have a beautiful, rustic set up with a white, sandy beach as your setting! Check out the amazing new UNICO 20.87 resort in Riviera Maya!

Texas has long had a reputation of appreciating and enjoying live music! Your guests will have a blast at your reception while you all dance to the rhythms of a Steel Pan Band and watch a performance from a Fire Dancer at one the incredible Sandals Resorts maybe in beautiful Jamaica, exotic Grenada or one of their other wonderful resorts sprinkled throughout the Caribbean.

You can appreciate the variety of option for a dramatic backdrop at your ceremony. The options are all scenic and will save you so much money on decor! You could have your wedding on a rooftop with a gorgeous 180 degree views of the blue Caribbean Sea! That is not something easily arranged in Texas, but its no trouble at all at Azul Sensatori, Riviera Maya. Plus, you can wear your heels because there is no need to walk in the sand and worry about how you will walk in your gorgeous wedding shoes!

Now we have confirmed that there are so many unique and fun reasons for brides from Texas (or anywhere!) to choose to have a beautiful destination wedding! We are here to help. Call and tell us about your perfect wedding so that we can get started on making your dreams come true!