Travel Agent Pro, Your Secret To Success

The pathway to success is finding the movers and shakers of the world, people who have mastered the art of learning everything they can, then following their experience rather than your own.

Instead of following your own trial-and-error method, those who want to get there more quickly know they will need a plan, a simple straightforward plan based on true industry experience.

We draw on our personal experiences running successful travel agencies and the experiences of top producing travel agents across the country.

High achievers are masters of their game. They have developed successful systems that perfectly complement their work and their own mix of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Travel Agent Pro is taking all we have learned in over 20 years of travel, we have passed it through the filter of what we have learned from top producing travel agents, and combined it into simple, effective courses anyone can follow to take their experience as a travel agent to the highest possible level.

You are not the first travel agent to want to have a taste of success. You’re not the first to have dreams you want to fulfill. You’re not the first to want to be the very best you can be in life. You need to realize that people have lived before you.

We hope you will slow down and figure out what we have learned on our journey before you start your own!

Discover Your Ideal Client

You aren’t meant to work with everyone. You aren’t everyone’s specialist, destined to work with them or everyone under the sun.

Your ideal group travel client, whether it’s a destination wedding, a golf group, or otherwise is most likely searching online and:

On information overload
Struggles with where to go
Is most likely stressed and already has too much on their plate

You succeed as a travel professional by understanding your customers.

ONLY once you have defined your ideal group client and you understand who they are from the inside and out, then you can understand how to ATTRACT them. You attract them with your marketing message. You want to get to the core issues of what they are facing, instead of posting generic messages.

You want to develop the best message for them, their interest and niche so they see you as the ONLY option, they treat you like a professional and they immediately value you and your services.

We help you find your winning marketing formula.

When you understand how your customers think, what they like, and where they are, you find better ways to make more sales. When you get better acquainted with your target customers, then you can realize true success.

You need a really clear profile of your target customer, make one now — otherwise your marketing will be less than-effective.

Group Travel Success

In 2023, more than anytime in history, more people want to work with a specialist when it comes to booking their travel.

In group bookings, you make commission with every guest. Gaining more group bookings is the secret to success in being a travel advisor.

When it comes to group bookings, whether through destination weddings, girls trips, corporate retreats or more, you only need a few per year to meet your goals.

Booking group travel will sky rocket your income. You can double and triple your revenue through commissions! And get bonus checks, perks, travel for pennies on the dollar.

You can have all the travel knowledge, travel certifications, and more and NONE of it matters, unless you have a system to gain quality leads, and close those leads.

It’s not your fault. There’s not a lot of training available. And if there is training, it’s a one size fits all program.

There are so many ways to make money with every group booking, but here are 3 main ways:

1) Travel commission
2) Professional Planning fee
3) Bonus commission
4) Group commission

Not every resort brand gives you group comission, but we show you the top to partner with for your success.

You want to become a magnet to your perfect client, but first you need to identify who your perfect client would be. And even before that, you need to understand what type of niche you should focus.

Destination weddings inquiries have more than doubled since last year, as have romantic getaways.