how to become a travel agent

A big misconception in the travel industry, someone has to be “certified” or go to school to become a travel agent. You don’t technically need either to become a travel agent. You just need a travel agency to allow you to sign-up and use their credentials to sell travel.

How to Become a Travel Agent  GuideHere is where I say…BUT, do you want to work with a travel agency that accepts everyone with 0 qualification requirements? I don’t want to talk bad about these agencies, but in my opinion it really waters down the agency community. It creates poorly trained (or not trained at all) travel agents out in the communities we live in that use our designation as “travel agent” that for example I have sat next to people on a plane and they respond cautiously, “But are you a REAL travel agent?” I know exactly what they are talking about.

I am going to go into detail on how to become a REAL travel agent and how to be successful in my opinion. This is how I run my travel agency. We have quickly risen to the top. We are recognized by companies such as Disney Destinations, American Airlines Vacations, Apple Leisure Group, Delta Vacations, and more as a top travel agency in the United States.

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1) Find an agency that will mentor you.

At Vincent Vacations, we train people that have never been in the travel industry before. I will say there is a lot of misunderstanding in what we do. A lot of people think that because they can navigate Expedia, then they too can be a travel agent. This is not the case.

Once a client has gotten to the point of selecting where they want to go, what hotel they want and what dates…putting in the names and birthdates of the travelers is the easy part. It’s something most middle school kids could do. The hard part is helping them select the resort or hotel. Helping them navigate the cruise options or what they should do while at Walt Disney World to know how many days to book. It’s building a rapport with the client so they trust and value your opinion on all of these things. There is too much information out there and people come to a travel agent to help them narrow down their search. Finding an agency that values training and knowledge is KEY. We train in groups. We do an introductory 3 day training with business development managers from hoteliers and cruise lines so the newbies (as we call them) can hear the passion and information from the sales reps we work closely with. Another benefit I see with the group trainings, you start to build relationships with the other agents. They are learning things for the first time just like you. Everyone will likely have the same questions and be at the same stage for at least the first little bit. You start to build this in the training so the group training is non-negotiable for me. I do get a lot of requests to just watch the recorded trainings or sign up without it but then this start of community would be lost. This industry is made up of 2 different types of travel agents. A brick and mortar agent who works full time in an office and an independent contractor (IC). The independent contractors don’t have the benefit of working in an office. The idea of the office, where you can quickly bounce ideas off each other, and learn from each other. At Vincent Vacations our IC team is a community. As part of how the agency mentors our team, we are big on this community with helping each other. We do a weekly team meeting via ZOOM, team building activities, a yearly retreat, awards party, FAM trips (I’ll talk more about FAMs in another section) and we have a private Facebook group where everyone can utilize to brainstorm.

2) Travel where you sell, and share your experience.

This can be an expensive job at first. I joke with some of the agents to see what their spouses think of their new job. It can be difficult at first but it’s so important. We are a traveling agency. I put a lot of emphasis on this and when sales reps come to me and say, “how can we get more business” I am always saying, “Take us on a FAM”. A FAM is a Familiarization trip. It is when travel agents travel together to tour hotels or resorts or experience a destination. A FAM trip can be a short weekend trip to Mexico where you see 15 hotels in 3 days or a tour of Italy. There’s not really a specific category but they are so important. When you meet someone and you can speak confidently about a destination it can be a game changer on closing a sale. “I was just in Cancun and I would love to tell you about the airport experience and my top 3 hotels I think you would love when we are working on your trip.” Do FAM trips cost money? Most of them, yes they do. They are typically very discounted. They are a lot of work. I have never been so tired than on a FAM trip where we went from hotel to hotel in the heat seeing every room category. We started taking pictures of the name of the hotel so we could wrap our brain around which pictures are which. When you’re done you’re always so glad you went. You make new friends, build relationships with the hoteliers and gain so much knowledge. Share your pictures on social media. Save some. Share a little a at time. Create albums of your FAMs so you don’t forget and it can become such a resource. You will be glad you did.

3) Maximize Social Media

Someone recently asked in a social media group I am in if I let my clients be “my friend” on social media. My answer without hesitating is YES. If you want to be successful, the quickest path and least expensive path is through social media. Picture this…….you book someone a trip to Mexico. You’re new and inexperienced. You might not have shined during the booking process but you did a fine job. Will the client remember to call you in a couple years when they are ready for their next trip? IFFY. If you’re connected on social media will they? YES! Of course not guaranteed but think about it. They start to feel like they know you. They see you traveling for your job as an agent. They see you posting reviews of hotels, other client experiences and treating it as a profession.

We also encourage all of our team to build a Facebook group. This is where they can put together travel inspiration and example trips, (we provide the content to our team for a lot of this), people can ask questions and you can run it like a business. Agents with a travel focused Facebook group consistently sell more travel than those who don’t have one. The ones with 2-3k people in their groups have more business than they know what to do with.

This only works if you treat social media as a business. What image do you want to portray? Keep social media positive. Keep it lighthearted. Post funny pictures of your kids, your weekend cooking venture and your travels. Do not post your family drama. Do not post politics. Politics is sure to alienate half of your audience. Be intentional. Who do you admire on social media? Why do you admire them? Is it because they complain, post low quality photos and rant nonstop? Of course not. Everyone on your social media is either a client or a potential client. Once you emerge yourself into this thought process you will see an uptick in business.

4) Join a Referral Group

Referral groups can be so helpful when you immerse yourself and use it to your advantage. This is where you will refer other members of the group to their businesses and they will return the favor. It’s a great way to expand your network outside of what you already have. If you don’t know of any, this is a great time to start one. This way you can set the rules and expectations.

5) Never stop training.

This is huge. This job is fluid. Everything is always changing. There’s always a new policy or even a new destination to learn about. There are conferences that will help you focus on your niche and become an expert. For example if your focus is romance travel then conferences like Love Mexico or Romance Travel Forum should be on your priority list. There are cruise conferences like Cruise World or RiverView Conference if you want to focus specifically on River Cruises. The training is as important as networking at these events. This is where you will meet other agents that also have this focus. Agents with a core group of agents that they can bounce ideas off of are much more successful than those who isolate themselves.

Becoming a travel agent has blessed me and my family so much. After the pandemic we joke that it’s not for the faint of heart but as travel returns I have seen the need for professional travel agents more and more. The value has been shown over and over and it’s a profession not going away. We are here to stay.

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Trafalgar Travel Agent

What’s hot for Trafalgar Tours in 2022?

I personally have traveled with Trafalgar twice. Once to South America for their 7 night, Highlights of Peru itinerary, and once to Italy for a Tuscany focused itinerary.

The Tuscany was a girls trip with a group of travel advisors. Can I start off my saying that Tuscany with a group of friends exploring vineyards, making our own pasta and trying olives and drinking wine. It was magical. Peru was a couples trip. We traveled with 4 couples. An unexpected joy of Peru was no jet lag! They are just straight down, so we didn’t need any time getting use to the time change…..Lima is on central time zone. They were such opposite styles of trips which makes me point out that Trafalgar has so much to offer.

Here’s the inside scoop of what it’s like to travel with Trafalgar and what is trending in 2022.

Who goes on a Trafalgar Tour?

One of the big questions we get as a Trafalgar Travel Agency is who goes on these tours? More specifically, “Is it all old people?”. My quick answer is, “everyone” and let me explain. One the tours I have traveled on there are people of all ages. There are families traveling with their children (typically 10 has been the youngest), couples, girls trips, and retired people. It will 100% depend on the destination, time of year and length of tour. Younger people will have a stricter schedules so they are more drawn to the 7 – 10 night itineraries and families typically travel during school breaks.

Where does Trafalgar travel?

Trafalgar has tours all over the world. I especially loved our experience in Peru and it was my first time to the continent. I would love to go back and try their Argentina tour or Brazil. They have tours on 6 of the 7 continents.

Do I have any free time to explore on my own?

The short answer is, “YES!” but the long answer is, “It depends on the tour you select on how much go go go it is.” There are some tours where you are doing a night or two in each city and your are covering multiple countries in 10 days. These ones will still have some free time but it will be more limited. The itinerary we did in Peru had for example an included walking tour of Machu Picchu but then the rest of the day we could explore on our town. In Italy we had a walking tour of Pisa for example and then an hour to explore and take funny pictures. We had the same experience with like at The Vatican for example. There was a tour but then free time. It was always a good balance where I would have wanted the tour either way and free time for pictures and to grab a drink but not too much where we just sit around and wonder what’s next. In both destinations we had most evenings free where we would dine in local restaurants. The guide with us would give us recommendations which were always so spot on.

What kind of hotels can I expect?

Trafalgar uses 3.5 and 4 star hotels with good locations where you will be able to easily walk to restaurants. I have appreciated this so much. They include breakfast at the hotels. They are a middle of the line guided tour company so I did not see as many recognizable American brands like Hilton or Marriott. We stayed in local hotels and some with some quirkiness. We laughed so hard at the one in Rome that one of the rooms had the shower in the bedroom instead of the bathroom. In Peru we stayed at the base of Machu Picchu in the town. The hotel was trendy and in a perfect location where we walked out to the pedestrian street with all the cute shops and restaurants. We ate dinner and then wandered and found am open air café that we played cards until late. All the hotels have been clean and were ones I would stay in again. Your guide stays at the same hotel with you.

How much does a Trafalgar Tour cost?

The cost of a Trafalgar tour can vary based on destination and what is included. To give you more of a specific example, Best of Italy is 13 days for $2925 per person, based on double occupancy. Highlights of Peru which is the tour I did starts at $2425 per person, based on double occupancy. This one has a higher daily average rate since it also includes inner country flights. For the best pricing consider traveling not during peak season like when kids are on a school break or over a holiday.

Are there any discounts I can get for a Trafalgar Tour?

Yes! Trafalgar offers a generous 10% savings for paying in full a minimum of 6 months prior to your tour date. They also offer Last Minute Deals so they can fill tours with a few spaces here or there. This is perfect for those with a flexible schedule.

How do they handle Covid testing?

Do you have uncertainty about navigating the ever changing protocols? Trafalgar is a great opportunity to travel with ease. Are you worried about where you will test to return to the United States? Trafalgar sets all of this up for the guests and makes it where it doesn’t become an entire day interruption. They have boots on the ground in each destination they have tours which makes all the changes something they adapt to and incorporate to make the vacation experience still top notch.

What is Costsaver? Is it the same as Trafalgar?

Costsaver Tours are part of the same corporation as Trafalgar Tours. They use the same coaches but there are a few differences. Costsaver is going to be more of a sold 3 star hotel experience. Of course still clean but just more basic and likely to not have extra services like a pool or spa. While Trafalgar includes a lot of touring and typically several meals during the tour, Costsaver is going to be very basic tours and more free time. They will have optional tours you can purchase ala carte. This is a great option for someone that has traveled but likes the idea of not having to coordinate travel between cities so they can maximize their vacation. Costsaver tours still have the same knowledgeable guides. A Costsaver guest is the all about the destination and not as much about the perks of luxury hotels and dinners.

What is Insight Vacations?

Insight is also part of the Trafalgar family. They are going to be a step up from Trafalgar. They are going to be in hotels in city center locations with brands you will likely recognize. I have toured with Insight as well and for example we stayed at the Hilton in Vienna. It was a great location. The big thing that stands out with Insight Vacation is they take out seats on the coach to give everyone more leg room. They are going to have 40 seats instead of 48 – 50 which makes me call Insight “Premium Economy” of guided touring. They also have more inclusions. For example if you are in Venice, you are going to do a gondola ride. This would be an optional add on for a Trafalgar Tour or Costsaver. This is included with Insight Vacations. One sect of their touring companies that I am kind of obsessed with is the Country Roads tours. This takes you on the scenic path. Country Roads of Italy or Country Roads of France for example will have you staying in quaint towns and is all about the scenery and immersion. They are going to include things like a cooking class or wine tasting. It’s a great option after you have checked of the big cities and want to go back and experience the countryside.

What is hot for 2022?

With tourism in Europe returning before some of the other continents, it has quickly become the front runner for Trafalgar Tours. There are pandemic restrictions being lifted right and left which has allowed for more ease of travel. Trafalgar has also curated more tours in the United States. This might be something you would say, “why when there’s not a language barrier? I could just do it myself so why?” These are valid questions but think of it this way…….you could just sit back and relax and be on vacation. This is something when we have traveled with groups they point out loving about guided touring. We don’t have to think about how to get to the next place or where we will eat dinner or even what are we looking at. We are being taken around by a guide who will help us with all of those things so we can just soak it all in.

Are vaccines required for Trafalfar, Costsaver and Insight Vacations?

As of April 23, 2022 when I am writing this blog article yes they are required. They also will go off of the countries policies so for Peru for example they are also requiring a booster if applicable since it’s a requirement of their country. We are hoping these requirements will loosen in 2023 to allow for more travelers to experience their wonderful tours.

We have travel agents who specialize in Trafalgar trips and tours.
Trafalgar is an expert covering tours in all 7 continents and over 300 trips.

Our owner, Lia Vincent, has experienced Trafalgar first hand having gone on the Highlights of Peru trip. This is an 8-day guided tour of Peru, covering from Lima to Machu Picchu. Lia has also booked several clients with Trafalgar!

What the tour company has to say about this tour we chose: Our most popular holiday in Peru, the ancient allure of Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley meet the buzz and bustle of Lima and Cusco in time spent with Insiders who share personal tales of their beloved country.

You’ll enjoy Insider moments like… learning to weave in the Sacred Valley, watching centuries-old dyeing techniques, passed from mother to daughter, as the weavers keep their Andean traditions alive. Meeting the curator of the world’s largest private collection of pre-Columbian art at the Larco Museum in Lima. And hearing tales of Dr. Diez Canseco’s illustrious ancestors, as you tour his mansion, a traditional country house, and settle down to a home-cooked Peruvian meal with him.

View more about Lia on her profile.

Trafalgar travel agents near me
Trafalgar tours, 2022 information
Trafalgar travel agency near me

Founded in 1947, Trafalgar Tours is a leading escorted tour operator. They are based in Geneva Switzerland and London, England. They maintain 8 regional offices.

All Inclusives

All Inclusives Resorts
As a full-service travel agency, we sell Disney, cruises, and much more – but our biggest seller is all-inclusive resort vacations in Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

What is an all-inclusive resort vacation? This means your time on the resort property, all day and all night, you get to enjoy a service and style that go above and beyond. All-inclusives, at no extra cost to you, typically include in-room dining, top-shelf cocktails, sprawling pools, and non-stop entertainment, including amenities exclusive to adult guests. 5-star accommodations, beach activities, land sports, free Wi-Fi, and all taxes and gratuity included. So ditch the wallet, this is paradise.
And we act like it!

All-inclusive resorts try to capitalize on the white sands and stunning tropical views ideal for every guest, where the experience is better than a beach — it’s your fantasy playground. Enjoy out-of-this-world, all-inclusive amenities with first class restaurants, bars and lounges, championship golf, and sprawling pools and in some cases, family friendly resorts include a water park with slides, splash pads, food trucks, snack bars, an adults-only pools with a swim-up bars and more. To add even more, live shows while the headliners in your crew enjoy exclusive amenities reserved for
adult guests. For groups, all-inclusives are the perfect ideal for every event, event space and
ultra-chic wedding collections for your special day. Bottom line, it’s all top-shelf. Enjoy!

Sandals Resorts All-Inclusive

16 AWARD-WINNING all-inclusive resorts – All boast 5 star and luxury included!
Sandals has received numerous awards, including Condé Nast Traveler’s Annual Readers’ Choice.
✓ Unlimited food, cocktails & more
✓ Free golf, water sports & scuba diving
✓ Best beaches – Book today!
Vincent Vacations is a top selling travel agency for Sandals & Beaches Resorts. Sandals is the adults-only option, while Beaches is family friendly.
Read more about Sandals on our Sandals Resorts All-Inclusive Guide.

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Flying High Despite Industry’s Travails

Disclaimer: This story was originally posted to the archives, which is no longer in operation.


Flying high despite industry’s travails

Christopherson targeting business travel

There was a time not so long ago when being a travel agent was a job only slightly less glamorous and sought after than ski instructor, airline pilot or guitarist in a rock ‘n’ roll band.Much of the travel agent hype was myth, of course. The job has always meant long hours on the phone sitting in front of computer screens trying to get Joe Executive to Tampa in time for his industry convention or Mr. and Mrs. Retired around the world in 21 days without losing them in Hong Kong.

Ah, but there were the comped “fam” trips — shorthand for “familiarization” — the travel industry’s equivalent of political junkets. After all, you can’t expect a travel agent to sell a customer on the delights of a trip to Paris or Bermuda without having sampled them firsthand.

Or can you? Is travel agent still a glam job?

In a word, no, says Michael Cameron, president of Christopherson Travel Group.

“The glamour of the free fam trips and the easy lifestyle has gone away,” Cameron said. “Everyone is working harder for lower commissions now than ever before, which has put a burden on me to provide my employees a meaningful career path.”

That’s because travel agent wasn’t always a “serious” profession. Like real estate, there were a lot of people who dabbled in it, for second incomes and not very large ones, but the benefits of free travel tended to offset that. No longer.

“In today’s environment, most travel agents are the primary breadwinners for their families,” Cameron said.

But it’s even more complicated than that. Travel agencies are being attacked on several fronts. Over the past five years, the nation’s airlines have been slashing the commissions that agencies receive for ticket sales, and the Internet has become a source of cut-rate tickets for Web surfers, cutting travel agents out of the picture altogether.

Then there’s the slowing economy and, more specifically, the bear stock market. When times are tough, one of the first places a business looks to cut costs is its travel budget — a company’s third biggest expense after salaries and information technology. And the average family? They scrap their plans for Disney World and take the kids to Lagoon instead.

This sounds like a disaster scenario for travel agencies, but Christopherson Travel’s sales are up 36 percent this year over last. The company is on track to do $80 million in sales this year, which would make it Christopherson’s best ever and a 38 percent increase over last year.

Unlike many local businesses that are tightening their belts, Christopherson is constructing a new three-story, 42,000-square-foot headquarters at 5588 Green St. in Murray. They will move into the building by late summer and from it will oversee their 12 branch offices in Utah and Idaho. (The company’s main office for the past 19 years has been at 4659 S. 2300 East, Holladay.)

Cameron credits his company’s prosperity in the face of so many obstacles to several strategies.

The main one was the decision he made to focus primarily on business accounts. Only 5 percent of the company’s income now stems from leisure travel, and most of that centers on arranging vacation trips for its business clients.

“Travel agencies can no longer be all things to all people as they once were,” he said. “It seemed to be a good niche to focus on business travel, and it has paid off for us. Business travel has been where the money is, and we consider ourselves the premier business travel agency in this marketplace, growing at an annual rate of 30 percent a year — a rate at which the (sales) numbers get pretty big pretty fast.”

Another strategy that has paid off for Christopherson has been to set up agency offices right at the sites of its best clients, which include Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. in the University of Utah Research Park; CompHealth, a temporary job agency for physicians; and MarketStar Corp., an Ogden-based company that provides marketing research for high-technology businesses.

And finally, Christopherson has prospered by embracing, rather than fighting, the Internet with its ResAssist Web product that allows corporations to book travel on the Net with Christopherson providing a blended reservation and quality control service.

“They can save money booking online, not in the cost of the tickets, but we pass on the labor-saving costs in the form of reduced service fees.”

Cameron also credits his company’s growth to putting a strong focus on its employees, who have an average of 16 years of experience.

“We have had less than 5 percent annual job turnover in the past 11 years, and that’s unheard of in this industry where people usually job-hop a lot,” Cameron said. “We’ve put a lot of focus on taking care of the people who work for us, and it’s a great competitive advantage.”

The advantage stems, he said, from the personal relationships that develop between his agents and the people for whom they book travel. “They say, ‘I want to talk to Joe. He’s my guy.’ ”

Cameron said he sees part of his job as making sure that “Joe” doesn’t leave for greener pastures, and one of the obvious ways to do that is to pay salaries that are higher than the industry standard. Not commissions, but a package of salary and benefits.

A little camaraderie doesn’t hurt, either. They aren’t really fam trips, but every March all Christopherson employees and their spouses are taken on an expenses-paid trip, usually to the West Coast. Last month they went to San Diego.

Christopherson Travel was founded in 1953 by Merrill and Lucille Christopherson as an offshoot of another business, Provo Flying Service, that they launched in 1940.

The Christophersons sold the business in 1981, and Cameron was hired by the new owner as chief financial officer and a part owner. On March 1, 1990, Cameron and his wife, Camille, bought the company outright and became the sole owners.

At that time, the firm had two employees and was doing less than $1 million in sales per year. Today it has 75 employees and, as noted above, expects sales this year to hit near $80 million.

How can a travel agent deliver to my preferences and style of vacation needs?

During consultation, your travel agent advisor will ask questions about your travel plans and preferences to help ensure that the resort, tour, or destination matches your travel style and expectations. We know what resorts offer nightlife, which are quieter, relaxed, cater toward families and more! The same goes for cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts, and more!

Is there a fee or cost for using a travel agent?

There is typically no fee. Unless you have an extremely personalized trip involving several hotel stays and multiple cities, there is no fee or cost involved using our travel agents. Based on our top sales with multiple vendors, using Vincent Vacations means you’re able to save money over booking with a smaller agency. We have access to discounts and specials. And if you find a lower price online, the vendors we work with value travel agents and their services, and are willing to match pricing.

What is a travel agent and why do I need one?

What is a travel agent and why do I need one?

Travel agents provide an invaluable, and often free service, to ensure that your vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding, corporate incentive, etc. is the vacation trip of your dreams. If something does go wrong, you have someone to call, text, or email who is in your corner and can contact airlines, resorts, or tour companies on your behalf. Make sure whoever you work with has the appropriate certificates. And to ensure you hire a travel agent or agency with great pricing, make sure and check their reviews on Google, Facebook, and other services.

Xcaret – Best All Inclusive in Mexico

Xcaret – What makes it so amazing? You have access to 8 parks included in the price. We’re talking water parks, nature parks, caving / spelunking parks, and more! It is described as a ‘Disney-fied ecopark‘. It’s quick access to all, as the parks surround the resort.

Xcaret features 1 of the 250 best restaurants in Mexico. “Restaurante Ha'”. An exquisite dinner in the hands of chef Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican with Michelin star was our way of celebrating this year and receiving the new year filled with amazing moments.

Location, 35 miles south of the Cancun airport.

4 Ways Xcaret is Different!

All-Fun Inclusive – Full access to Parks & Tours including transportation, no service fees

ECO-Integrated – Integration of nature into the guest experience: inlets,
rivers, beach, jungle

MEXICAN ART ADVOCATE – Conservation and promotion of Mexican Cultural






• Luxurious accommodations with ocean, river, cove, pool or garden views
• Unlimited access and transportation to 8 parks and tours
• Roundtrip non-stop airport transfers
• Decadent cuisine at 11 restaurants and top shelf drinks at 8 bars
• Food and beverages according to the meal plan of each park or tour
• Full access high- tech bracelet
• Room service 24 hours
• All taxes and gratuities
• Attentive concierge service
• Daily eco-friendly activities
• Kids and teens club
• Eco-archeological reserves
• 3 fitness centers
• Outdoor functional training circuit
• Non-motorized water sports; kayak, paddle boats and snorkeling
• Tennis and paddle courts

When you stay at Xcaret, all the fun is included. Discover another way to see the world at Xenses!

If exploring and discovering new places in Mexico was part of your 2022 bucket list you can’t miss Xplor

FOOD – Hotel Xcaret México offers
11 restaurants and 8 bars, where Mexican cuisine, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO, is the protagonist.


• Hacienda Henequenera

• Guadalupe chapel

• La Isla restaurant

• Wine cellar Wines of Mexico Xcaret

Beaches Resorts

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos


Resort qualifies for 1 free night, free catamaran cruise, save up to 65%, up to $335 air credit.

Resort Location
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
from Miami 90 Minutes
from the Airport
90 Minutes
223 Rooms & Suites
Room Categories
16 Categories
Restaurants 7 Restaurants
Bars 7 Bars
Swim-up Bars 1 Swim-up Bar
Length of Beach
Private Cove Beach
Pools 5 Pools
Kiddie Pools 1 Kiddie Pool
Whirlpools 2 Whirlpools
Waterpark X
Surf Simulator
Butler Service
Scuba Diving X
Watersports X
Kids Club X
Liquid Night Club
Xbox Game Garage
Red Lane® Spa
Golf X
Meeting Space X


Beaches Videos

Beaches Resorts – “Everything’s Included For Generation Everyone” Commercial

At Beaches®, the world’s leading all-inclusive family resorts, your palate will be tempted at up to 21 restaurants, discover exhilaration at Pirates Island—the Caribbean’s best waterpark—and get together in a Together Nest Suite®—the ultimate family retreat. Call your travel advisor, visit or call 1-800-BEACHES to get started planning the luxury vacation of your dreams.#BeachesResorts #WorryFreeFamilyVacation #GenerationEveryone

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At Beaches®, we know that the sun, sea, and fresh air are the best medicine of all. And to give you peace of mind while you’re experiencing new adventures and creating wonderful new memories together, the world’s leading all-inclusive family resorts, will tempt your palate at up to 21 restaurants, discover exhilaration at Pirates Island—the Caribbean’s best waterpark—and get together in a Together Nest Suite®—the ultimate family retreat. Call your travel advisor, visit or call 1-800-BEACHES to get started planning the luxury vacation of your dreams.#BeachesResorts #WorryFreeFamilyVacation #LuxuryIncludedResorts

Beaches Resorts – “Beaches Turks & Caicos Where Everyone Says WOW!” Commercial

At Beaches® Turks And Caicos, everyone says “WOW!” because the best of everything is always included for everyone. At the world’s leading all-inclusive family resort, tempt your palate at up to 21 restaurants, discover exhilaration at Pirates Island—the Caribbean’s best waterpark—and get together in a Together Nest Suite®—the ultimate family retreat. Call your travel advisor, visit or call 1-800-BEACHES to get started planning the luxury vacation of your dreams.#BeachesResorts #TurksAndCaicos #LuxuryIncludedResorts

Beaches Resorts – “Beaches Makes You Go WOW!” Commercial

At Beaches®, you’ll be saying “Wow!” all day and night, because the best of everything is always included for everyone at the world’s leading all-inclusive family resorts. Tempt your palate at up to 21 restaurants, discover exhilaration at Pirate’s Island, the Caribbean’s best waterparks, and get together in a Together Nest Suite®—the ultimate family retreat. Call your travel advisor, visit or call 1-800-BEACHES to get started planning the luxury vacation of your dreams.#BeachesResorts #WorryFreeFamilyVacation #LuxuryIncludedResorts

Beaches Virtual Wedding Design Experience

Beaches Resorts makes it easy to plan your upcoming destination wedding with our exclusive Beaches Virtual Wedding Planning Experience. The Virtual Wedding Design Experience offers you everything you need to plan your dream destination wedding from the comfort of your home while having the opportunity to chat face-to-face with your wedding planner and explore our catalog of décor options, discuss important details, such as event location and times, and much more! For more information, please visit:

Beaches Weddings Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness

When it comes to the most important day of your life, Beaches is going above and beyond to make sure it’s free of worries and filled only with love and laughter. Our Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness sets a whole new standard of excellence in health and safety protocols, giving you peace of mind while you celebrate your love with those who mean the most to you.For more information on how we’re protecting your wedding day or to book your wedding today, visit or call 1.877.BEACHES.#BeachesWeddings #WorryFreeWeddings #DestinationWeddings

Beaches Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness

At Beaches®, we know that the sun, sea, and fresh air are the best medicine of all. And to give you peace of mind while you’re experiencing new adventures and creating wonderful new memories together, Beaches has once again set a new standard of excellence with our Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness. Here’s what we’re doing to help your family stay safe while enjoying paradise.#BeachesResorts #PlatinumProtocolOfCleanliness #WorryFreeFamilyVacation

The Best Family All-Inclusive Destination Wedding | Beaches Resorts

The love you share is wonderfully unique—and your wedding should be, too. Beaches, the world’s only all-inclusive family resorts, is here to help you customize every detail of your dream wedding. Whether you want something elegantly simple or spectacularly extravagant, we give you everything you need to help make your vision a reality.Visit to start planning today#AllInclusiveDestinationWedding #BeachesResortsWeddings #DestinationWedding

Let Us Take You to a Beaches State of Mind

The world might seem different these days, but one thing remains unchanged: family is the only thing that matters. And while you’re focused on keeping your family safe, we’re here to help you find ways to have some fun and relaxation at home. Beaches is more than a destination, after all. It’s a state of mind. Follow @BeachesResorts and #BeachesStateOfMind on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where we’ll be posting great at-home activities for the kids, recipes you can make together, and other ways you can get into a Beaches state of mind. And while it may not be the family vacation you planned at Beaches, you can still create some pretty wonderful memories of this unexpected time together.#BeachesStateofMind #BeachesResorts #WeAreInThisTogether


Sometimes it’s all in the details. The little things we take for granted as travel professionals make a world of difference to a client on a special trip.

🪞 a full length mirror so you can get ready

💧 unlimited bottled water to hydrate

🍱 24 hour room service you can even pre order from an app

👒 complimentary hats to get hand painted as a keepsake

🍪in room snacks, well because you get hungry

👨‍🌾amazing staff to keep the hotel beautiful (they cut shrubs with non motorized equipment in am to not disturb guests)

💁‍♀️a Mexican best friend aka local hosts to be there for you when your need them.

Personal hosts have amazing personalities, connect with you via WhatsApp and keep you connected to the hotel.

Bubble bath at 3pm?! No problem.

Made friends at the swim up bar and need to change dinner plans? No problem.

Wife needs a spa appt?! No problem.

UNICO 20°87° is not only relaxes luxury but the details matter!

4 NEW wedding designs avaialble at UNICO 20˚87˚!


Soul Green

Elegant Chic


The structure for the Compliments of UNICO 20˚87˚ has also been renovated and updated!

Destination Wedding Compliments of UNICO 20˚87˚
– Ceremony location
– 32 chocolate avant garde chairs
– One rose bouquet and one matching boutonniere OR two bouquets OR two boutonnières*
– Non-denominational minister to perform symbolic or vow renewal ceremony**
– Audio system for ceremony
– 1 tier wedding cake for 32 guests
– Sparkling wine toast for 32 guests after ceremony
– Event Consultant and Onsite Wedding Coordinator
– Honeymoon wishes wedding website and registry
– UNICO 20°87° Honeymoon Experience

The Riviera Maya Experience
While the picturesque beaches of Riviera Maya provide a dreamy backdrop for your day, this package takes care of the thoughtful details that truly make it your own – from your décor and wedding registry down to your wedding cake and bouquet.
– Ceremony location
– Ceremony decor inspiration options Terra or Soul Green
– Ceremony seating for 32 guests
– One bouquet and one matching boutonniere OR two bouquets OR two boutonnieres*
– Non-denominational minister to perform symbolic or vow renewal ceremony**
– Audio system for ceremony
– 2 tier wedding cake for 32 guests
– Sparkling wine toast for 32 guests after ceremony
– Unpacking service for the couple, including preparation of wedding day attire (dress and suite pressing)
– Event Consultant and Onsite Wedding Coordinator
– Honeymoon wishes wedding website and registry
– UNICO 20°87° Honeymoon Experience

The One-of-a-Kind Experience
Set against our beautiful tropical backdrop, this package expands upon the carefully curated Riviera Maya Experience with upgrades such as private dining for the couple, in-room hairstyle and makeup services, and personal valet concierge.

Ceremony location
– Ceremony decor inspiration options Terra, Soul Green, or Elegant Chic
– Ceremony seating for 32 guests
– One bouquet and one matching boutonniere OR two bouquets OR two boutonnieres*
– Non-denominational minister to perform symbolic or vow renewal ceremony**
– Audio system for ceremony
– Choice of violin, guitar or saxophone soloist for ceremony
– 32 Branded Coconuts
– 2 tier wedding cake for 32 guests
– Sparkling wine toast for 32 guests after ceremony Printed menus and place cards for wedding reception for 32 guests***
– Unpacking service for the couple, including preparation of wedding day attire (dress and suite pressing)
– Personal valet concierge for one of the parties throughout the getting ready process
– In room Impacto hair style and basic makeup service for 1 person ****
– Event Consultant and Onsite Wedding Coordinator
– Honeymoon wishes wedding website and registry
– UNICO 20°87° Honeymoon Experience
– Private dining experience for couple

The 20˚87˚ Experience
The most personalized of the three, the 20°87° Experience elevates your day to a whole new level of luxury. Including additional touches such as a violinist, guitarist or saxophonist for your ceremony and an upgrade to a one-bedroom Estancia Suite, this package will make your day truly unforgettable.

A wedding at UNICO 20°87° is one-of-a-kind, filled with personalized details and artful touches inspired by the region. Experience UNICO 20 87 and get an up close and personal look at your wedding hotel. We have 2 options available for you to confirm a room reservation.