Corporate Incentive Travel-Short vs. Long Term Trips

Company owners, presidents and CEOs are getting more involved in corporate incentive travel!

It stands to reason that improving employee and company performance should be in the sights of an organization’s leadership.
As you use this year’s edition of the Incentive Travel Buyers Handbook to dive into the specifics of planning your upcoming incentive programs, remember the big picture as

Short Term vs. Long Term Incentive Travel

Determining how long an incentive travel program will run depends on the needs of your organization. For example, if sales are sluggish, maybe a quick, quarterly incentive might prove valuable. Or if a particular new product needs dealer buy-in, then a year-long program that includes education, product promotion, and contests might be the most strategic approach. Seasonal, short-term programs are common in the world of consumer promotions.

Establishing the optimal time frame requires analysis of an incentive’s objectives, bearing in mind that external market conditions will also impact a program’s duration.