Boosting Your Business: A Travel Agent’s Guide to Acquiring New Clients with Google Ads

Welcome to the exciting world of travel and digital marketing! Whether you’re just starting out as a travel agent or looking to expand your existing business, mastering the art of online advertising can significantly enhance your ability to reach new clients.

As a travel agent, understanding Google Ads can be a ‘make it or break it’ for lead generation.

Many people don’t know this, but Google makes most of their money off advertising, so they are more than ready to talk to you about using Google Ads.

You can get help using their support website:

Or Call Google Ads directly at 1-800-922-2264

Where do Google Ads show?

Your ads show on Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and on Google partner websites. Google shows your ads in different places to get you the best results possible.

Learn more here:

What are you charged for?

You only pay for the clicks and calls that your ads get. You aren’t charged for impressions.

The cost of each click or call depends on many factors, like how often people are looking for businesses like yours, and how many competing businesses have ads. Although costs vary, you’re never charged more than your monthly budget.

Learn more about costs and payment details:

Why choose Smart campaigns?

Smart campaigns are an efficient, easy solution for businesses to get noticed on Google. Powered by Google’s advertising technology, Smart campaigns bring you results based on your campaign goal, whether that be customer calls, visits to your location, or actions on your website.

Learn more about Smart campaigns:

How is my budget used?

When you create a Smart campaign, you set a monthly budget. Since demand for ads can vary, your costs may vary from day to day, but you won’t be charged more than your monthly budget.

Learn more about Smart campaign costs and payment details:

Campaigns typically improve with time.

Most advertisers see better results with the same daily average after 2 weeks. If you pause your campaign now you’ll miss out on new customers.

You are paying for this, so make sure you take steps to get better results.

Also, try these best practices to bring in more customers:
Write another ad to reach the right customers

Add locations so your ads show to more people

Review your budget options to be more competitive