Social Media Content Ideas for Travel Agents

Social Media Content Ideas for Travel Agents

🏆 Many of the agents in our Millionaire Club mentioned their success is tied to being active on social media.

Here are some ideas for social content for travel agents

✈️ Create content that your audience and potential new leads will enjoy. Make them the hero, not you! Invite them on a journey with you. Make it easy for them to visualize – where they can see themselves, their family, etc. in your shoes / your content, experiencing the same thing. Check out our article, What DOES It Take To Go Viral With Your Travel Content

🚀 Clients who have traveled, their testimony is so powerful. It’s easy for new clients to see that testimony, and picture themselves on the same trip having the same amazing experience, knowing that you’re the expert. You want them to easily visualize their vacation success / dream vacation. You did it for someone else, so you are the expert who can do it for me!

🗽 In less than a minute, mostly 30 to 45 seconds, many of Shannon’s TikTok’s are inviting the viewer on a journey with her. Along the journey, she is introducing viewers to learn tips, tricks, info that is helpful for them – Using our local Disney Travel Agency, that fits the niche of Disney travel:

🏖 Along with this, the thumbnail clearly shows what the video is about and the first few seconds get right to the point of the video and features MOTION and a HOOK so they don’t want to leave.

Look at the motion, energy and excitement behind the videos. For example:

She only appears at the very beginning, and it’s a narrated journey to learn more.

🚦 Social presents a huge opportunity to grow your leads. This is due to the appeal of sharing beautiful destination photos, captivating your audience with fun travel videos.

Some agents primary lead source are Facebook groups. Being active in local groups, moms’ groups, etc. that aren’t necessarily travel related. Being involved in the online community and providing value can make people know, like, and trust you.

There are so many different ways to be active on social – Some agents post travel deals on their Facebook public profile and in their private groups.

⭐ Client Pictures

Have your clients send pics in destination and share! There’s nothing better than SOCIAL PROOF that you make people happy.

If they’re open to it, have your clients tag you on social with their POSITIVE experiences.

⭐ Introduce Yourself

Consider sharing a post every so often about yourself. This gives you the opportunity to welcome new followers and audience. Share information about who you are and fun facts like your all-time favorite trip or travel destinations.

⭐ Share a Food or Drink Recipe

Why not share one of your favorite recipes with the audience? You can create a video or share an image with a description. If it’s from a certain destination, tell your followers about it. It’s all about inspiring future travel!

⭐ JUST BOOKED – Booking Updates

Sharing updates about bookings on social media can also help attract new customers by showcasing your services and the destinations you offer. This can help generate interest and increase bookings.

It can improve customer engagement and build trust with customers.

⭐ Highlight a Destination or Experience

After all, travel is your specialty so be sure to share travel ideas to your audience. Create a weekly segment of #TravelTuesday and highlight a different place each week. Share the top things to do and see there and what makes it so special.

⭐ Travel Tips and Hacks

Have a unique packing trick that you swear by? Share that! This can also be special tips for visiting a destination like a hidden speakeasy in NYC or something similar that would make people want to save that post for later viewing.

⭐ Inspiring Quotes

Share an inspiring quote or saying. You can even find a beautiful picture and add text to it and voila, you have an inspiring post!

⭐ Share “Behind the Scenes”

Are you working from a coffee shop planning your client’s next trip? Snap a photo and share it with the world! It’s always fun for your clients to get a glimpse into what you’re doing behind the scenes making their travel dreams come true!

⭐ Share past clients reviews and testimonies

Ever get an email from a client who tells you how GREAT their trip was or wants to let you know about something funny that happened? If so, ask for their permission to share it with everyone. It acts as a testimonial for you and can be entertaining all at once.

⭐ Host a Q&A

This could be live with audience involvement (nothing does better on social than going live), or you can put out a post asking for people’s travel questions. You can begin answering those in one or multiple posts. This can also be a great way to get new content and see what your followers are most interested in.

⭐ Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to share insight into your life beyond your travel business. Maybe you had an anniversary or you’re on a weekend getaway with your best friends. Don’t be afraid to live your brand and share your life with your clients and followers.

⭐ Ask for Engagement

Ask your followers a question and get a conversation going in the comment section! A great question is as simple as “Where is your next travel destination?” or “What is your favorite travel memory?”. Don’t forget to reply back to comments, engage and even share your own answer!

⭐ Host a Contest

Create a fun content with your audience! You can have a simple trivia question or ask for others to participate in the post. The winner could get a special gift or maybe you offer a waived fee or discount on their next booking.

⭐ Share YOUR Travel Photos & Videos

Sharing travel photos on social media can help a travel agent engage with its existing customers and build a loyal following.

Customers who see these photos may be inspired to book a trip or share their own travel experiences with the agent. See our article, Why Create a Blog Around Your Video Content.

⭐ Post Latest Updates

Sharing updates on social media can also help a travel agent provide better customer service.

Latest updates on social media can help a travel agent market services and attract new customers.

Posting the latest updates on social media can also help a travel agent engage with customers and build a loyal following.

⭐ Share Travel Deals

Offering special deals or promotions to customers can help a travel agent build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Sharing travel deals on social media can be a valuable tool for a travel agent to reach and engage with its audience, market its services, and build customer loyalty.

⭐ Travel Guide

Sharing travel guides on social media can help a travel agent market services and attract new customers.

These guides can showcase your expertise and give potential customers a sense of what they can expect from a trip.

Travel agents can use the guides to provide detailed and useful information to help customers make informed decisions.

⭐ Share Top Travel List

Sharing top travel destinations on social media can help a travel agent build trust and credibility with its audience by demonstrating its expertise and providing valuable resources to customers.

Customers who see these destinations may be more likely to book a trip or share their own travel experiences with you on social.

⭐ Tell Us Section

By asking followers to share their travel plans or experiences, travel agents can encourage their audience to interact with their content and increase overall engagement on their social media channels.

“Tell us” posts can help travel agents gather insights about their audience’s travel preferences and needs. This can be useful information for creating targeted marketing campaigns or customizing travel packages.

“Tell us” posts can also generate user-generated content, which can be reposted on the travel agent’s social media channels. This can help increase the authenticity and credibility of the travel agent’s brand and can serve as social proof for potential clients.

⭐ Share Giveaways Posts

This is about to become HUGE as Signature offers their sweepstakes programs. Giveaways can create a sense of excitement and anticipation among followers, which can help travel agents build buzz around their brand.

By offering a giveaway on social media, travel agents can encourage their followers to interact with their content and increase overall engagement on their channels.

⭐ Blog Post

Create a blog post and provide a link to it, and an intro about what it includes. Check out our article, How ChatGPT Can Help You Improve Your Blogs


Post a link to your short form video posted to TikTok, YT Shorts, etc. Provide hashtags and a short description about it.

⭐ Polls

Engage your audience by asking them questions about things like their favorite vacation spot, what type of perks they like to get from their agent, what makes their holiday a perfect one, etc. Get them talking to you AND use the opportunity to do a little behind-the-scenes market research to find out what you can do to win and keep their business.

⭐ Event announcements

Are you attending your local travel show or hosting a consumer evening? Let the world know where you will be and when! Invite your fan base to come see you. You might be surprised by how many of them show up…and bring a friend!

⭐ Fam Trip Reports

Don’t leave photos and videos on your phone or stuffed in a folder where they will never be seen again. You are experiencing travel while on these Fam trips and NEED to share those experiences with your fan base. This can be in the shape of photos, videos or blog updates. It doesn’t really matter. Either way, tell them what you liked, didn’t like, recommend and find amazing. If you do a good job, you may get a booking or two out of the experience. Check out our article, Familiarization Trips 101 For Travel Agents.

⭐ Answers to common questions

If there are travel questions you get regularly, use the opportunity to share the answer with a wider audience. It may even prompt your fan base to ask you more questions and start engaging. Again…show everyone that you know your stuff and the bookings will follow!

⭐ Interviews

Think written or video interviews with people who work at your vacation / FAM destination, resort, excursion, etc. A destination representative, hotel partner, BDM, etc. The sky is the limit! Many of these folks want more business, and they are willing to work with you to help YOU market THEM!

⭐ Milestones

Have an anniversary – 1 year in travel? Did you just get a new specialist certification? Did you win an important award? Maybe you got featured in the local newspaper or a local magazine. It’s time to let everyone know so they can share in the joy and find out how fabulous you really are!

Here are additional ideas to further expand your reach and engagement:

  1. Collaborations with Travel Influencers: Partner with influencers to showcase your offerings, reaching their followers for expanded visibility.
  2. Interactive Itineraries: Share customizable, interactive itineraries that followers can modify according to their preferences, demonstrating your flexibility and customer focus.
  3. Themed Travel Days: Dedicate days to specific travel themes (e.g., Wellness Wednesday for spa resorts or Adventure Friday for excursions) to keep content fresh and varied.
  4. Live Destination Reveals: Create excitement with live announcements of new destinations or exclusive deals, encouraging immediate engagement.
  5. Customer Journey Highlights: Share a series of posts detailing a customer’s journey from planning to returning home, showing your involvement and dedication throughout their travel experience.

Combining these ideas with the ones from above can help diversify your content and engage a broader audience, ultimately driving new clients to reach out!

Additional ideas to engage potential clients on social media could include:

  • Hosting virtual Q&A sessions focused on travel advice and destination insights.
  • Sharing behind-the-scenes content from popular travel destinations or from your work as a travel agent to build trust and transparency.
  • Creating hashtag campaigns encouraging followers to share their dream destinations or past travel experiences, fostering community engagement.
  • Implementing a “Traveler of the Month” feature showcasing stories, photos, or videos from clients’ trips arranged by you, providing real-life testimonials and user-generated content.
  • Offering exclusive social media discounts or early access to special travel deals to your followers.
  • Developing a series of “Did You Know?” posts with interesting facts about destinations, offering value through educational content.

These ideas aim to complement the strategies mentioned above by enhancing interaction, providing valuable information, and building a community around your own travel brand.