Learn from the Most Successful Travel Agents

The agents in our Millionaire Club sell over $1M in travel in one year. This means their take home pay is $100,000+. We have some agents who sell nearly $2M in travel, and their take home pay is $150k+

The agents in the Millionaire Club – See their advice and biggest wins.

Here are the KEYS TO SUCCESS as a travel agent, straight from the most successful agents…And 2023 is shaping up to be even bigger and better!

🌟 One thing that stands out – When your client has a great experience, and you become their travel expert, you have gained access to their “travel wallet” and their network of family and friends for referrals.

✨ One example: You book someone’s honeymoon. They have a great experience. In their married life they want an anniversary trip. Then they have kids, they need family vacations. This can turn out to be multiple trips a year from booking 1 honeymoon.

What are some common themes from those in the Millionaire Club?

⭐ This is a marathon, not a sprint! Keep yourself motivated and keep going!

⭐ Be consistent with marketing

⭐ Long term relationship building – I talk to my clients on the phone and build a relationship with them from the beginning. I have many people who have been my clients since 2005 because I talked to them on the phone and sometimes even go to lunch with them. Those clients are my biggest advocates and send me the most referrals.

⭐ LOVE THIS: If you’re working a full time job and doing travel “on the side” understand that when you refer to your full time job as your “real job” to your clients or just in conversation, potential clients (everyone is a potential client) won’t take you seriously.

⭐ Find a niche where you know a lot and push that

⭐ Do as many trainings, webinars, etc as you can. The more you can speak about a destination the more clients trust you

From AIMEE: I try to book a family trip and an adult only group trip every year. They normally get bigger and bigger every year because people hear about them and want to join. My biggest group that I took with me on vacation was 78 and was $130K in sales. But my biggest sales group was 22 people to Greece and was $140K in sales. So, both groups I made around $20K each. So, booking groups is EXTREMELY lucrative.

Also, think about the need in the industry and where you should focus. For example: The same number of people who travel to Tahiti in a year, might travel to Honolulu in a week. Some places might have huge demand, which can be very lucrative for you as an expert in that destination.