2024 Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) Updates for Travel Agents

Here is an update from the webinar today with the NCL SVP of Sales and NCL President:

  • 2024 will be the best year in the companies history.
  • They have more future cruise bookings than ever.
  • They are booked further ahead in 2025, at higher prices than they have ever seen.
  • 8 ships are currently on order / being built.

Here is an update on NCL and Vincent Vacations:

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Vincent Vacations is a 2024 Norwegian Cruise Line President’s Club Member.

This award is given to top-producing travel agencies that demonstrate excellent sales performance and commitment to NCL. The President’s Club is described as a select group of less than 1% of NCL’s business partners who meet high sales targets for NCL cruises.

Expedia Cruises and other large cruise travel agencies are also in this group with Vincent Vacations.

Marketing NCL:
Vincent Vacations is on the first page of search engines in the nation for the highest traffic keyword for NCL travel agents: Norwegian cruise travel agent

We are also on the 1st page for the two next highest keywords: NCL agents and NCL travel agents

You can help with this momentum, and help potential clients find you to book NCL by creating new blog posts covering the NCL experience.

Here are a few ideas for NCL blog posts:

  • Share First-Hand Cruise Experience
  • Spotlight Onboard Innovations and Activities – focus on experiences that are more unique to NCL
  • Showcase Unique Itineraries and Destinations
  • Highlight Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising Concept
  • Compare and contrast the NCL experience with other cruise lines

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Back to the NCL Company Update:

Norwegian Cruise Lines goal is to make things EASIER and IMPROVED for agents, this includes commissions and payouts.

Have more balconies on ships, this means more money. Everyone wants balconies instead of an inside cabin and a small bathroom.

They have very loyal customers, many are dedicated to the brand and come back each year.

They have had the lowest cancelation rates in the industry.

Interested in becoming a Norwegian Cruise Lines Travel Agent?

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