Inclusive Travel Opportunities – Travel With Love

When you think about romance travel, destination weddings and honeymoons probably come to mind. These are wonderful travel options, but there can be so much more to romance travel! There are vow renewals, anniversary celebrations, engagement getaways, babymoons, familymoons, and even proposal trips. Any time you want to celebrate the love in your life, you can find a vacation to help you commemorate the occasion.

You may also think that these trips or experiences just aren’t made for you, but love is for everyone, and so is travel! We have agents who focus in so many different areas, including those with physical abilities and challenges.


Our physical abilities can often serve as a barrier in travel, but with the right knowledge and people in your corner, everyone can experience the world around them. The anxiety of traveling with a wheelchair or other aides can be daunting; however, finding the right experience makes all the difference.

When vacationing within the United States, travelers are guaranteed certain protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This requires all places of public accommodation to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy their services and facilities.

When traveling internationally, it can be more challenging to choose hotels, transfers, and travel packages that are going to be accommodating. Accessible Travel Solutions provides travelers with accessible tours, transfers, group travel, and land packages.

Whether you’re looking to travel domestically or internationally, working with a travel agent will help you plan the experience that is best for you. They can suggest cruise lines that offer accessible cabins, complimentary beach wheelchairs, and wheelchair accessible pools and water features. They can also help you determine which suppliers have braille signage and menus that can be provided digitally for screen-reading software.


In the United States, 5.4 million adults are on the autism spectrum and businesses are adapting to serve this vast market. The travel industry is no exception. Cruise lines Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line have programs and resources in place for travelers with Autism.

Royal Caribbean’s programs include opportunities for children, teens, and adults alike. This includes Autism-friendly films and activities. If you’re looking to have a cruise wedding, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line both offer a variety of wedding packages.

Beaches, which is known for providing spectacular weddings, honeymoons, and vow renewals, also offers all-inclusive accommodations for visitors with Autism. Although their programs are mostly focused on children, these can open doors for couples looking to share their special day with loved ones.

Travel agent Marie Smith’s advice is to “Find a travel advisor who specializes in planning travel for those with special needs. Look for those that display the Certified Accessible Travel Advocate credentials.”


For members of the LGBTQ+ community, there are a few additional considerations that go into planning a trip. Matt Wahlgren, travel advisor with Matt Travel, believes “It’s important members of the LGBTQ+ community use a travel advisor that understands their unique concerns and safety. The laws and social acceptance of gay travelers varies from country to country. A good travel advisor will inform you of these differences upfront to make sure you’re comfortable with your travel plans.”

Once you decide which type of experience you want and where you want to go, the fun really begins. Whether you’re looking to tie the knot or mark an important milestone together, there are companies that want to help. Atlantis Events is known for the cruises they charter, but they also have resort options. Brand G also offers LGBTQ+ vacation experiences and are most known for river cruises and land-only tours.

Numerous opportunities are out there for everyone to love travel and to travel with love. We all deserve to see and experience the world! There are professionals ready to help plan your next adventure.