11 Reasons to use Canva to create YouTube Videos

Before getting in to it, Canva is supported on phones and tablets using the Canva App. It is also web based, so it can easily be used on any computer with a modern web browser.

Also keep in mind, the free version has loads of features, and creating videos in the free version does not auto add a watermark, like some other free video editing tools.

If you can drag and drop videos on to a Canva template, you can create YouTube videos in Canva. You can also record your voice over for your videos on your phone or computer, and easily drag and drop those onto the Canva audio track.

Canva is amazing in that you can work on the same project on both your phone and computer. If you take videos and record audio using your phone, you can upload those from your phone to your project in the Canva App. Then on your computer, open your project and the media from your phone will be there!

Here are 11 reasons you should be using Canva to create your YouTube Videos, both Shorts and long form format.

1. You can be successful marketing your services without high cost video editing software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, etc.

There is no reason to pay big bucks to get high quality, highly produced video suitable for video streaming sites like YouTube. Canva offers plenty of features and the ability to export your video to high quality.

2. Visual storytelling: Canva’s templates and design tools enable travel agents to create engaging, visually appealing videos that showcase destinations and experiences.

You can preview directly in the app or website, or you can export your project for a full idea of how your project will play.

3. Easy to use: Canva is user-friendly, even for those without extensive design or video editing experience.

It is mostly a drag and drop interface where each video clip or image can be placed on its own page. The duration of the page can then be adjusted, as well as transitions, audio, etc.

4. Time-efficient: Canva’s pre-made templates and drag-and-drop interface save time and effort in creating professional-looking videos.

You can easily replace elements in the templates with your own creations. This makes everything more customized and even branded to you.

5. Cost-effective: Canva offers a free version and affordable subscription options, making it a cost-effective solution for travel agents.

You can’t beat free! Especially when it comes to a highly powered video suite you can use to create videos for all major streaming sites.

6. Brand consistency: Canva allows travel agents to maintain their brand identity through customizable templates and color schemes.

7. Showcase expertise: Videos created with Canva enable travel agents to share their knowledge and showcase their expertise in the travel industry.

8. Marketing and promotion: YouTube videos created with Canva can be used to promote travel agents’ services, attract new clients, and drive website traffic.

9. Client engagement: Travel agents can use Canva videos to share travel tips, destination highlights, and personalized recommendations, fostering client engagement and loyalty.

10. Social media sharing: Canva videos can be easily shared on social media platforms, expanding travel agents’ online presence and reach.

11. SEO benefits: YouTube videos optimized with relevant keywords and descriptions can improve travel agents’ search engine rankings and online visibility.

By leveraging Canva’s features and functionality, travel agents can create high-quality YouTube videos that enhance their marketing efforts, build their brand, and attract new clients.