Group Travel Success

In 2023, more than anytime in history, more people want to work with a specialist when it comes to booking their travel.

In group bookings, you make commission with every guest. Gaining more group bookings is the secret to success in being a travel advisor.

When it comes to group bookings, whether through destination weddings, girls trips, corporate retreats or more, you only need a few per year to meet your goals.

Booking group travel will sky rocket your income. You can double and triple your revenue through commissions! And get bonus checks, perks, travel for pennies on the dollar.

You can have all the travel knowledge, travel certifications, and more and NONE of it matters, unless you have a system to gain quality leads, and close those leads.

It’s not your fault. There’s not a lot of training available. And if there is training, it’s a one size fits all program.

There are so many ways to make money with every group booking, but here are 3 main ways:

1) Travel commission
2) Professional Planning fee
3) Bonus commission
4) Group commission

Not every resort brand gives you group comission, but we show you the top to partner with for your success.

You want to become a magnet to your perfect client, but first you need to identify who your perfect client would be. And even before that, you need to understand what type of niche you should focus.

Destination weddings inquiries have more than doubled since last year, as have romantic getaways.

The Seven Most Important Questions About Resorts

At All Inclusive Weddings, we have been handling all the ins and outs of destination weddings since 2002. As seasoned destination wedding specialists, our job is to stay in the know about all things destination wedding planning.

Over 20 years ago, when we first started planning group travel and weddings, there were website forums that you could read and a few blogs. Today, everything revolves around social media, so the modern day forums are now Facebook Groups, and there are lots of them out there. They are as overwhelming as a Google search.

All that being said, the single most common question we see is:

“Any recommendations for a destination wedding in (this country)”?

Finding a tie-the-knot spot is one of the first tasks to cross off your list. Weekend weddings at popular venues are often booked months in advance, and in popular resort areas, hotels and other lodgings fill up quickly as peak season approaches. Until you know where you’re getting married, moving on to other decisions, such as ordering invitations and finalizing the menu, is next to impossible.

Unfortunately, when it comes to locations, there is a lot of bad advice out there. Don’t get us wrong, they mean well, but that does not change the fact that regardless of their good intentions most of the time, the recommendations are based on their one and only experience with their wedding or a couples trip they took last year.

Choosing a resort for a vacation for you and your spouse is one thing, but choosing a resort for you and 60 of your closest friends and family is a WHOLE different ball game.

Tradition favors having the wedding in the bride’s hometown, but that’s not always feasible or desirable. If neither of you has roots in your present community, you may opt for your favorite vacation spot – based on availability, this may be a challenge.

So even though we’ve stayed and visited hundreds of resorts over the last two decades, we would not make a recommendation without a clear understanding of your needs, budget, wedding vision and your group’s dynamic.


What is your wedding vision?

All too often, people begin planning their wedding by setting a strict budget
and then trying to shoehorn in all the things they think they should have in
their wedding. This process doesn’t work and can leave you feeling like you
can’t afford to have your dream wedding in any way, shape, or form.

Why is your wedding vision important? Because not all resorts are made equal. If you want a Sky Terrace wedding and the resort does not offer it, it should not be in the running. Your vision matters even if you just want a “simple beach wedding.

How many guests are you expecting?

Don’t go overboard! Make sure and hold off broadcasting your plans, even tentative plans, until you know how many of your 500 closest friends you can actually invite.

How many guests you are expecting is huge. While most destination wedding groups have an average of 50 guests, if you are expecting 90, 100, 150, etc. not every resort will be able to accommodate.

Depending on the resort and the wedding locations they have, most resorts have a cap which is directly related to their backup plan (in case of rain or other weather-related issues). Why fall in love with a resort that can’t handle your group and have to start over?

What is your guest’s budget?

Before talking to a travel agent or planner, it’s atleast a good idea to have a range. We have had brides choose a more expensive property so their guest list does not get out of control, while others choose a resort below their usual comfort level and lifestyle so most guests can make it.

There is no right or wrong idea, but you don’t want to sacrifice your wedding day by going to a resort that you or your guests would not enjoy. This is one of the key skills and where brides usually have that AHA! moment on how this part is key in choosing the perfect location.

What is your group dynamic?

Taking your wedding abroad does not take away the logistics of planning a special event. How far are guests willing to travel? How long is your group likely to stay? Is dad or grandma in a wheelchair and will need an elevator or easy to walk grounds? Is there a club at the resort or will the group be ok with going to bed at 10:00 PM?

This is where we sit down and ensure your entire weekend is delightful for everyone. Trust me there will be times where we give you permission to be selfish and focus on what YOU want but keeping your guests happy is key; after all, they are paying for their vacation to attend your wedding.

Food matters

It’s important to consider all the restaurant choices for your guests. Are a-la-carte restaurants reservations only? Will the group have the same buffet all week? Does your group need a burger joint where they don’t have to dress up? Answering these questions will help you meet your guest’s expectations and avoid stress on your big day.

Group Perks

How generous is the resort with brides and grooms? This one may not be known if you are just starting to research or plan your destination wedding but here is the deal: Most resorts can perform a beach wedding, and then there are resorts that specialize in weddings.

This means they have more inventory to customize your vision, they have the trained staff to run your events, and most importantly, because they specialize in weddings they actively seek group business which means more money in your pockets (savings). We can work with any resort really, but as someone who planned his own wedding, we know that every penny counts and well, realistically we don’t want to pay for things we don’t necessarily have to, right?

YOUR Best Interests

Lastly, while we know the focus often is in saving your guests money, we want to keep your best interest at heart and help you save money in some areas so that you can splurge on your must-haves! As you can see, despite the generosity and free sharing spirit that goes around in most bridal groups we want you to use caution and do your due diligence by connecting with someone who has planned more than one wedding in their lifetime.

For many reasons, the “perfect resort” for a bride with a $5,000 budget might not work for the bride with a $20,000 budget and vice versa. Think of your resort as if it was your local wedding venue. The most important piece of the puzzle for your budget, your vision, and your wedding guests’ experience.

We hope you found this helpful! Contact All Inclusive Weddings for more information about booking your dream destination wedding.

Why Book a Destination Wedding in 2023?

If you are considering a destination wedding, you will find you can choose to go in many, many different directions – both literally and figuratively.

Do you want to take a less-than-traditional route with your wedding? Did you know, in 2023, 1 out of 5 brides plan for something more unique with their wedding venue. Instead of a traditional or a backyard wedding, there are so many opportunities when it comes to a destination wedding – including the location, venue, floral decorations, and so much more.

If the thought of having your wedding ceremony two blocks away bores you, you might be a perfect fit for a destination wedding! As specialized wedding travel agents, we help you plan the perfect wedding miles away — all while sticking to your requirements for budget, size and more.

Quick tip: In the end, you need to plan the wedding that will make you the happiest, not a wedding that fits someone else’s idea of perfection. If you can meet that simple goal, your day will be perfect, no matter where you are!

Our focus is that you view your week away as a vacation, but don’t overlook the fact that you’re getting married! It’s not just another getaway, after all. Take some time to connect with your fiance and appreciate the magnitude of the event after you’ve unpacked your bags.

Quick tip: DO plan on spending time with all of your guests. That’s why you invited them to this weeklong wedding party, after all.

Wondering how you’ll ever find the time for all the little details that go into planning your wedding logistics like location, accommodations and itinerary?

That’s why we’re here!

We are award winning premier honeymoon & destination wedding planners located in the U.S. All Inclusive Weddings has been handling all the ins and outs of destination weddings since 2002. We want to give you the attention and experience you deserve.

Quick tip: DO send out save-the-date cards early before the wedding, especially if it’s planned around a holiday weekend. Give everyone time to make their travel arrangements.


UNIQUE TO YOU – The benefit of a destination wedding, your event can be unlike any you’ve attended before. And likely, it will be a fraction of the cost.

Your destination wedding may be on the beach with your toes in the sand, on the lawn under a decorated gazebo, at the foot of a waterfall, or the top of a mountain. The possibilities are endless!

Quick tip: If you drink, don’t overdo it and have too much the night before the wedding. Sure, all you have to do is put on your dress and walk down to the beach in the morning, but you don’t want to look green, tired, or puffy-eyed in your wedding pictures!

When dealing with the question, where to have your wedding, where do you start?

That’s where we shine.

We have so much experience in handling professional wedding planning and travel with all-inclusive resorts.

We meet with the resort management and on-site wedding planners to tour the honeymoon suites, experience the romantic amenities, visit the salon and spa, view the wedding sites, and participate in local activities and excursions. Start by making an appointment to consult with our experienced team of Destination Wedding Travel Planners at All Inclusive Weddings to paint a picture of exactly how you envision your wedding.

Quick tip: Don’t plan on paying for all of your guests’ expenses unless your last name
happens to be Moneybags.

What goes into choosing the perfect venue?

Your experienced wedding travel planner will share unbiased experience to help you sort through the options and make informed decisions. Since 2002, we have planned countless weddings and look forward to helping YOU! With our experience, we make itinerary & wedding reservations tailored for you and your guests. We also negotiate with airlines, hotels, transportation companies and cruise lines on your behalf. We recommend the rooms with the best views. Help you get you the best value for your journey with exclusive packages and VIP services. We help you navigate travel insurance and more.

Quick tip: Do you draw up the guest list first, or do you find a location first? This is a chicken-or-the-egg issue. It really comes down to which is more important to you: Getting married in a particular spot or having lots and lots of people at your wedding. Once you determine which of these issues takes top ranking, the other one will fall into place.

As the experts, we can help you with the following questions and so much more!

When would you choose your wedding package?

When should you have your wedding location picked out?

What is the total deposit amount that we must put down to reserve the wedding?

When is the wedding deposit due?

Is the wedding deposit refundable?

How early must we arrive at the resort?

How many witnesses are required?

When is the final guest attendance count due?

What type of documents are necessary for a symbolic ceremony?

When are the documents due to the resort?

When is the balance of our travel?

Can we make payments toward the wedding or pay off our wedding balance early?

At All Inclusive Weddings, we bring your dream destination wedding to life! We have been handling all the ins-and-outs of destination weddings for couples since 2002! Our owner, Lia Vincent, having her own beach destination wedding, knows how unique and special this day is to you and your guests. Her and her team want to make sure your group travel is an extraordinary experience, and one to talk about for ages to come.

Why Should You Work With A Destination Wedding Travel Agent?

Working with a travel agent when planning a destination wedding can be incredibly beneficial. A travel agent can help you find the perfect destination and venue, as well as provide you with helpful advice on the best way to get there. We can also advise on local customs and regulations, provide helpful tips on navigating the booking process, and help you find deals on flights and hotels. We can also provide valuable insight into the best local attractions and activities for you and your guests to enjoy. With our expertise and knowledge, you can be sure to have a stress-free and successful wedding celebration.

If you hire a professional to do your taxes, fix your car, cut your hair, why would you trust the biggest day of your lives to anyone but an experienced, reputable destination wedding travel agent?

destination wedding travel agent

While travel agents may go by different names (travel advisor, travel concierge, trip designer), these all fit the category of a travel agent. A great destination wedding travel agent is your guide, your advocate, your negotiator and sometimes… your therapist and guest wrangler!

Our motto is, we go so you know. As destination wedding travel agents, we are knowledgeable about the destination you are looking to book for your destination wedding.

  • We are great at reducing stress and providing you with the best experience for your destination wedding.
  • We can provide you with insight into the best locations, venues, and packages to choose from.
  • As destination wedding travel agents, we have the expertise to help you plan the perfect destination wedding, taking into consideration your budget and preferences.
  • We can provide you with the best deals and discounts on flights and accommodations.
  • We can help you save time by researching and finding the best itinerary for your destination wedding.
  • We can provide you with recommendations for the best local vendors and services.
  • We can provide you with advice on the legal requirements for getting married at your chosen destination.
  • We can help you navigate the paperwork and make sure that all necessary documents are in order.
  • We have access to a network of suppliers and can negotiate the best rates.
  • We can help you find the best deals and packages to suit your budget.
  • We can help you with organizing group travel and accommodation for your guests.
  • We can provide you with information on the most popular wedding destinations.
  • We can provide you with detailed advice on the local culture and customs.
  • We can help you with any unforeseen issues that may arise before or during your destination wedding.
  • We can provide you with reassurance and peace of mind knowing that your destination wedding is being taken care of by a professional.

destination wedding travel agent

When planning your destination wedding, it is important to find a trusted and respected travel agent to work with you every step of the way. Further, we think it’s critical to find a travel agent who specializes in Romance Travel. What is Romance Travel, you ask? Romance travel is the niche of the tourism industry that focuses on honeymoons, destination weddings, vow renewals and more. Recent trends also add buddymoons, babymoons and familymoons to this list! What’s a buddymoon? Ask your favorite romance travel specialist!

To help make it easier for you, we break down the planning process so you have no surprises!

If you feel overwhelmed, HAVE NO FEAR! Our experienced destination wedding travel agents are more than happy to be your partner through every phase of the destination wedding planning process.

destination wedding travel agent

Regardless of your dreams and desires, the destination wedding travel planning process has four main phases:

1. Destination & Property Selection (typically 12+ mo prior)
2. Group Contract & Amenity Negotiation (9-10 mo prior )
3. Guest Deposits & Booking (6-8 mo prior )
4. Travel & Celebrate!

At All Inclusive Weddings, think of us as your tour guide to each phase of the planning process.

Be prepared to have a STRESS-FREE and FUN wedding travel experience!

15 Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding

Why Should You Choose a Destination Wedding for your wedding?

Destination weddings are a unique and memorable way to celebrate your big day! Not only do they offer you the chance to get away from it all and enjoy a beautiful backdrop for your nuptials, but they can also be more cost-effective than a traditional wedding. Plus, destination weddings typically involve a smaller guest list, allowing for a more intimate and meaningful celebration. With a destination wedding, you can also take advantage of the local culture and attractions, making your wedding an unforgettable experience for all involved.

You most likely already know that a destination wedding is a unique, exciting and memorable way to celebrate your upcoming marriage with family and friends. As 2022 comes to a close, just over 25% of engaged couples opt for a destination wedding, a number that has increased significantly since 2010.

The most popular reason for choosing a destination wedding is climate. 90% of couples choosing a destination wedding cited climate as the major consideration. The timing has a lot to do with this, as couples from colder areas up north can get married in December in perfect beach weather in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, or similar climate, and provide an escape from the dreary winter for all their guests! Another major factor to having a destination wedding is wanting to stand out from the crowd. In the same study, over 66% of international destination wedding couples opted to do so because they wanted a special, fun or exotic locale. The third most popular reason for a destination wedding is to create a casual, more intimate and meaningful gathering with close friends and family.

How is a destination wedding also a vacation?

A destination wedding is an exciting and unique way to combine your wedding day with a vacation. Not only will you be celebrating your special day in a beautiful new location, but you will also have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and spend quality time with your family and friends. Plus, you can turn your honeymoon into an extended vacation and experience all the sights, sounds and culture that the destination has to offer.

15 reasons why you Should Choose a Destination Wedding for your wedding?

  • A destination wedding offers a unique, memorable experience for you and your guests.
  • You can often find more affordable venues and packages when you choose to have your wedding in another location. Destination weddings can even lower overall wedding costs because it often prompts a smaller guest list. It also allows you to add your honeymoon to the end of the wedding—meaning, you won’t have to pay for two getaways.
  • You can have a longer and more relaxed wedding weekend with your guests. The average destination wedding is 3 to 5 days. Compare this to the following rule of thumb – wedding ceremonies typically last 30 minutes to an hour. And most wedding receptions can last anywhere between an hour to five hours.
    You can have a more intimate and private wedding away from the hustle and bustle of your city or hometown.
  • You can choose a destination that offers a unique backdrop, that fits your own image of perfection, for your wedding photos.
  • You can choose a destination that offers a variety of fun activities for your guests to enjoy. Think boat tours, snorkeling, horse back riding, waterfalls, zip-lining, you name it!
  • You can save on decorations and flowers by choosing a destination with natural beauty.
  • You can save on travel costs by choosing a destination close to home, or close for your guests. For example, Cancun, Mexico could be a great central choice for guests traveling between Texas and Florida.
  • You can choose a destination with a climate that is more comfortable for your guests. Climate is one of the most popular reasons couples pick a destination wedding.
  • You can have a unique and exotic wedding theme.
  • You can have a more relaxed and stress-free wedding planning process. You typically have a specialized wedding travel agent and on-site wedding coordinator at your disposal, and available for virtual calls and visits.
  • You can find unique vendors to help make your dream wedding come true.
  • You can find a variety of accommodations to suit every budget. Whether it’s a single room with a garden view, or a presidential suite looking over the beach and the ocean, you can find a resort that fits the budget for everyone.
  • You can have a more intimate and romantic wedding ceremony.
  • You can create a lasting experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Like anything in life, a destination wedding can be as simple or as complex as you desire. In addition to a wedding, you’re also planning a group vacation. Those are two giant undertakings, rolled into one fun-filled event. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Inclusive Travel Opportunities – Travel With Love

When you think about romance travel, destination weddings and honeymoons probably come to mind. These are wonderful travel options, but there can be so much more to romance travel! There are vow renewals, anniversary celebrations, engagement getaways, babymoons, familymoons, and even proposal trips. Any time you want to celebrate the love in your life, you can find a vacation to help you commemorate the occasion.

You may also think that these trips or experiences just aren’t made for you, but love is for everyone, and so is travel! We have agents who focus in so many different areas, including those with physical abilities and challenges.


Our physical abilities can often serve as a barrier in travel, but with the right knowledge and people in your corner, everyone can experience the world around them. The anxiety of traveling with a wheelchair or other aides can be daunting; however, finding the right experience makes all the difference.

When vacationing within the United States, travelers are guaranteed certain protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This requires all places of public accommodation to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy their services and facilities.

When traveling internationally, it can be more challenging to choose hotels, transfers, and travel packages that are going to be accommodating. Accessible Travel Solutions provides travelers with accessible tours, transfers, group travel, and land packages.

Whether you’re looking to travel domestically or internationally, working with a travel agent will help you plan the experience that is best for you. They can suggest cruise lines that offer accessible cabins, complimentary beach wheelchairs, and wheelchair accessible pools and water features. They can also help you determine which suppliers have braille signage and menus that can be provided digitally for screen-reading software.


In the United States, 5.4 million adults are on the autism spectrum and businesses are adapting to serve this vast market. The travel industry is no exception. Cruise lines Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line have programs and resources in place for travelers with Autism.

Royal Caribbean’s programs include opportunities for children, teens, and adults alike. This includes Autism-friendly films and activities. If you’re looking to have a cruise wedding, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line both offer a variety of wedding packages.

Beaches, which is known for providing spectacular weddings, honeymoons, and vow renewals, also offers all-inclusive accommodations for visitors with Autism. Although their programs are mostly focused on children, these can open doors for couples looking to share their special day with loved ones.

Travel agent Marie Smith’s advice is to “Find a travel advisor who specializes in planning travel for those with special needs. Look for those that display the Certified Accessible Travel Advocate credentials.”


For members of the LGBTQ+ community, there are a few additional considerations that go into planning a trip. Matt Wahlgren, travel advisor with Matt Travel, believes “It’s important members of the LGBTQ+ community use a travel advisor that understands their unique concerns and safety. The laws and social acceptance of gay travelers varies from country to country. A good travel advisor will inform you of these differences upfront to make sure you’re comfortable with your travel plans.”

Once you decide which type of experience you want and where you want to go, the fun really begins. Whether you’re looking to tie the knot or mark an important milestone together, there are companies that want to help. Atlantis Events is known for the cruises they charter, but they also have resort options. Brand G also offers LGBTQ+ vacation experiences and are most known for river cruises and land-only tours.

Numerous opportunities are out there for everyone to love travel and to travel with love. We all deserve to see and experience the world! There are professionals ready to help plan your next adventure.

Questions to Keep in Mind When Planning your Destination Wedding

We want you and your guests to say… IT WAS THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

When having a destination wedding, there is so much to think about. That’s why we are here! Everything from salon and spa packages to photography and videography options and beyond.

It’s important to think about, in order for your dream wedding to happen, what MUST it have? What are some features you cannot live without?

If possible, would you like to see the destination before the wedding? Some couples enjoy touring several destination options in person, before committing to a location for their wedding. For example, visiting several resorts and venues can be arranged in a city, or major area. Interested in Cancun? While visiting you can also check out Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, and other popular resort locations.

How concerned are you with your guests being able to afford it? In some cases, this can impact your resort brand, location and overall experience.

What is your greatest challenge right now in planning your destination wedding? Or what do you think will be your biggest concerns?

Do you have a time of day in mind / is a sun set a requirement? For example, we would need to make sure a twilight ceremony time is available at your destination of choice.

What are you most afraid could go wrong with your destination wedding?

What type of experience do you want your guests to have?

Keep in mind, several resort brands offer a 10% discount for Military, Firefighter, Police Officer, or FEMA / disaster assistance workers and volunteers.

If budget is a concern, there is a huge benefit in inviting as many of your friends and family as you can for your destination wedding. The larger the group, the more likely your room will be free of charge. Which will then free up your funds to go toward the wedding.

The more guests you have, the more perks you will receive. For example, the higher the resort credits, the more free offers like welcome cocktail parties, even upgraded room categories.
Share your wedding with as many family and friends as you’d like, because the more people you bring, the more bells & whistles are included. What’s even better, you can pick the perks that mean the most to you.

With most all-inclusive brands, you can get a free wedding for stays of 3 nights or longer. Or, how extravagant do you want your experience? From personal butler service, private executive transfers, the most top-tier suites – over-water bungalows, swim-up suites, the sky is the limit. At certain resorts, even private offshore islands can be made available for your ceremony.

Some brands offer exclusive exchange privileges between resorts. This can be helpful if you want to experience more private surroundings before the ceremony at another location, or during your honeymoon – where you can travel off-property to get away from your destination wedding guests.

Do you already have a location in mind? The most gorgeous tropical islands in the Caribbean, a region known for its turquoise waters and romantic sunsets. From a warm reggae pulse in Jamaica and sophistication in The Bahamas, to jet-setting lifestyles in Barbados and volcanic majesty in Saint Lucia, the paths to your happy place are many – just choose your perfect location!

How much time do you before the wedding date? The longer you have to plan, generally the easier it will make the booking and accomidations for your guests.

Any add-ons that are a must, such as custom welcome events, unique mani-pedi parties, rehearsal dinner, memorable experiences, Bonfire / Firepit Party, fire dancers, tiki torches, floating night candles release, there are so many options!

You have your family and friends available with you, so why not enjoy the experience with some spectacular celebration options.

Everyone can enjoy the fun with special events such as:

• A welcome cocktail reception
• Caribbean themed night
• Celebration dinner
• Bridal party spa day
• Private beach bonfire
• Special-interest experiences including golf, scuba diving, and snorkeling trips
• Wedding after party
• Farewell brunch
• Photo Booth Package
• Half-day, sunset, and party catamaran cruises
• Horseback ride ‘n swim
• Fishing charters
• ATV and dune buggy excursions
• Rainforest zip lining adventures
• Self-drive Mini-Routes tours
• Historic city and plantation tours
• Cultural culinary, music, and art immersions
• Flightseeing helicopter tours and resort transfers

Our Services and Venue, Ceremony, Reception Considerations

Our Destination Wedding Package Services include:

• An initial consultation/strategy session
• Set up wedding date and time
• Arrange a pre-planning trip if desired
• Negotiate the best possible group contract
• Destination, venue, hotel & honeymoon research
• Travel bookings for all your guests
• Setting up transportation to and from your resort/airport for all guests
• Payment scheduling and reminders for you and your guests
• Accept payment plans from you and your guests when needed
• Documents and tips/reminders sent out to you and all your guests
• Status calls/consultations
• 24-hour customer service for all guests during travel
• Wedding website for guests to get details and RSVP
• Destination management services in location for all guests (should any problems arise)
• Wedding Timeline including to-do lists to keep bride and groom on track

We research the venues for you, but when you’re working with any travel agency for a destination wedding, it’s good to keep the following in mind:

• Venue capacity
• Level of privacy
• Venue availability

Where do you envision your ceremony:

• Garden
• On the beach
• Oceanfront
• Sky Deck
• Chapel
• Roof-top
• Garden gazebo
• Over-the-water wedding chapel
• Some resorts offer private offshore islands, like Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Royal Bahamian
• There are so many options!

And where do you envision your reception:

• Oceanfront terrace
• Poolside
• Private rooftop
• Garden
• Beach
• Ballroom (climate control)
• There are so many options!

We find the resort that resonates with you and your personality. You can even be a specialist for just one brand.

All Inclusive Collection: Hard Rock and Unico
Hard Rock resorts is for modern travelers who are fans of music and are looking for something stylish,
contemporary and unique.

Hard Rock Highlights:

• Family friendly
• Resort Credits for spa, golf, tours
• Top shelf liquor
• Contemporary Accommodations
• 24hour room service
• Awesome Entertainment
• Fun & Upbeat Atmosphere
• Phenomenal Pools
• Great Kids program

Unico Hotel Riviera Maya:
A curated all-inclusive experience for adults only. Unico is ideal for sophisticated travelers seeking culture immersion in a relaxed modern day luxury setting.

Unico Hotel Riviera Maya Highlights

• Adults only
• Unlimited resort credits
• Gourmet a la carte dining – no reservations required
• Top shelf liquor & great mixology
• Authentic luxury suites
• 24-hour room service
• Pool and beach wait service
• Daytime and nightly entertainment
• No wristbands
• Fantastic spa

AMResorts: Secrets, Dreams
Secrets Resorts & Spas offer adults romance and sensuality in luxury beachfront settings.
Dreams Resorts & Spas offer unlimited luxury for couples and couples with children in fabulous beachfront locations.

Secrets & Dreams Highlights

• Secrets is adults-only
• Dreams is family friendly
• Unlimited Luxury
• Gourmet a la carte dining – no reservations required
• Top shelf liquor
• Elegantly appointed rooms and suites
• 24hour room service
• Pool and Beach wait service
• Daytime and Nightly Entertainment
• No Wristbands

Karisma Resorts: Azul and El Dorado
El Dorado Resorts & Spas offer adults an authentic Mexican luxury experience with an emphasis on the culinary arts.

Azul Resorts offers couples and families an unique and unforgettable luxury vacation with an emphasis on gourmet food and excellent service.

El Dorado & Azul Resort Highlights

• Gourmet Inclusive- no reservations required
• Premium libations
• Authentic & modern rooms and suites including overwater bungalows
• 24hour room service
• Pool and Beach wait service
• Daytime and Nightly Entertainment
• No Wristbands
• Beach Beds
• Toddler program at Azul
• Unique activities like greenhouse tour, cooking classes, tequila tastings
• Awesome pools

Playa Resorts: Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara
Hyatt Ziva (for families) and Hyatt Zilara (for adults) cater to upmarket discerning travelers who want a five-star all-inclusive experiences.

Hyatt Ziva & Zilara Highlights

• High Quality cuisine
• Top Shelf Spirits
• Luxurious Accommodations
• 24hour room service
• Genuine Hospitality
• Daytime and Nightly Entertainment
• Best Oceanfront Locations

Sandals Resorts: Sandals & Beaches
Sandals (for couples) and Beaches (for everyone) are located on exquisite beaches in the Caribbean and offer a luxury included experience with the most inclusions of any all–inclusive brand on the market.

Sandals & Beaches Highlights

• Sandals is adults only
• Beaches is family friendly
• Gourmet Dining
• Premium Liquor and Quality house wines
• Lavish Accommodations including overwater villas and bungalows
• Highest level of personal service
• Excellent Water sports program
• Daytime and Nightly Entertainment
• Best Beaches
• No tipping

5 Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding

When dreaming of the perfect wedding, the price of the wedding is something people usually talk about last, when it should be discussed first. Depending on where you have your wedding and the number of guests, the price of a destination wedding can go up and down. For example, let’s say you are planning a smaller wedding on a Caribbean island at an all-inclusive resort. It may be more cost-effective than a big wedding in a local US city. It all depends on what, and who, you want on your special day!

When it comes to planning a wedding, you will have to make a lot of decisions. Perhaps the most important decision you will have to make first, and that is where to have the wedding. As you begin brainstorming, you may be considering a destination wedding. Here are a few things to consider, budget-wise, to help you decide if a destination wedding is right for you.

If your dreams of a perfect wedding involve exchanging vows in a tropical rainforest, or during a beachfront ceremony, then a destination wedding might be the perfect solution! Even though planning a local wedding may save you money, it’s still possible to plan a destination wedding without breaking your budget.

It’s also possible a destination wedding is a great way to save your budget, for you and your guests.

1: Don’t be afraid to draw a line

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend ahead of time is an excellent way to keep you on budget. That means setting a firm dollar amount and drawing a line that you don’t cross. Determining the costs you’re willing to cover means deciding if you’re going to support your close family’s travel costs.

Suppose you decide to do this; you must figure out other parts of the wedding to save money.

2: The smaller, the better

It’s simple for couples to get carried away when they start writing a guest list. However, the key to staying on budget when planning a destination wedding is keeping guest lists short. Think about the people with whom you want to share the most important day of your life, and build your guest list from there.

It’s a gamble to include everyone you know on your guest list, so choose your guests wisely.
For example, if everyone you invite shows up, that can quickly inflate your budget.

3: Research when and where your destination should occur

Prices fluctuate throughout the season, so timing is everything when trying to stay on budget.
Choose low-key destinations that are outside of their peak season. Look at the weather conditions during these seasons to determine which destination is ideal. For example, not everyone wants to travel to the Caribbean during hurricane season!

4: Look for cash-back and rewards opportunities

Overlooking the way you pay for your destination wedding could leave money on the table. Consider opening a rewards credit card that allows you to earn points for each of your purchases. If you’re concerned about credit card debt, look at a reward checking account whereby you can earn cash-back each time you use it to pay for your wedding’s expenses. It’s also easier to plan a budget for your destination wedding if you start in advance by saving up as much as possible for your big day.

5: So many budget ideas!

From choosing a weekday to get married instead of a weekend, to getting married legally in advance, group booking offers, plan an elopement and consider adding guests later, parties aren’t a must, bring in your own vendors, smaller guest list – there are so many ideas for a destination wedding on a budget. Please contact All Inclusive Weddings for more ideas and details!

When it comes to your budget, there is more to consider

As destination wedding experts, we can help you get the most for your budget, and your guests!

The Location
No matter where you have your wedding, the location will play a significant role in your wedding budget. It will set the tone for the rest of the planning process, and help you determine everything from what you wear to what you eat. Whether it’s a tropical wedding in the Caribbean, a fairytale wedding in a castle, or a romantic wedding in your hometown, location is everything!

Local Resources
Part of the appeal of having a destination wedding is incorporating the local culture into your wedding festivities. Using local flowers for your bouquet, serving traditional dishes for dinner and even using the natural beauty of your destination for photos are great ways to save money and commemorate your special day. All the local vendors and resources can have a large impact on your overall price.

Travel Stress
When choosing a destination, you need to consider how easy it will be for you and your guests to travel. Is there a direct flight from most major cities? Do major airlines fly there? Once you’re there, how will everyone get around? A travel advisor can help sort all of this out, but it is important to keep it in mind when selecting a destination.

Number of Attendees
Considering the number of people you want to have at your wedding is essential for multiple reasons. Not only do you need to consider the costs you’ll be paying for them to attend, but the costs they will have to pay to travel there. Additionally, you want to make sure that your venue can accommodate all of your loved ones.

The Honeymoon
One of the perks of having a destination wedding is being able to go on your honeymoon immediately. If your ideal wedding and honeymoon both involve a tropical island, then it is probably worth planning a destination wedding. This can also allow you more time to spend with your guest before the wedding. However, some guests may choose to extend their stay, so you might consider moving to a different resort for your honeymoon.

As you can see from this list, you can create and maintain a budget when planning your destination wedding. Please contact us to learn more.

29 Quick Tips for Anyone Thinking of a Destination Wedding

Are you considering a destination wedding but don’t know where to begin with the planning? As experienced and highly specialized wedding travel agents, that’s where we come in! A wedding travel agent will take care of the details, sort logistics, and manage travel arrangements for you and your guests. When you have a professional travel advisor and wedding planner team – all that’s left to do is make decisions and get excited!

Another item to consider in your planning – Your wedding photos are something you will cherish forever. One of the many perks of destination weddings is the location, especially when it comes to pictures. Your destination’s stunning natural landscape will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photos. Destination weddings mean that you are surrounded by picture-perfect locations for photos.

Your wedding is a chance for your two families to spend time together getting to know each other. A destination wedding can really be a big group family vacation! Rather than having everyone drive-in for a weekend for a wedding at home, spend a week relaxing at a tropical destination.

TIP #1

Your wedding is one of the few times in your life that all of your friends will be together in one place, so why limit it to only a day?

A destination wedding is a great chance for you to spend time with all of your favorite people, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. Spend the days before your wedding exploring the destination with your guests and enjoy the time together to reconnect. The fun doesn’t have to end on the wedding day, either. Combine your destination wedding with your honeymoon for the ultimate holiday with your loved one.

TIP #2

Have you ever wondered how to fly with a wedding dress? To check it, or not to check it. That is the real question!

When planning a destination wedding, your bridal dress will probably be one of the most valuable items you will have to transport. Luckily, most airlines let you fly with your dress as a carry-on, and some even recommend it. The airline crew will be just as excited as you are, and they are usually very accommodating in helping you make sure it stays safe during the flight.

TIP #3

Are you considering a destination wedding in the Caribbean? If so, the time of year you choose to get married matters!

The weather in the Caribbean is notoriously beautiful, but if you go at the wrong time, you run the risk of bad weather spoiling your day. Winter to early spring is the ideal time to plan your destination wedding. It’s not as hot and humid during this time, and you will avoid the highly unpredictable hurricane season!

TIP #4

One of the added perks of having a destination wedding is getting to know the local culture. Make your celebrations even more unique by incorporating a traditional local ritual into your wedding festivities. Not only will it be meaningful to you, but your guests will also enjoy taking part in a fun new celebration.

TIP #5

Are you getting married in a city or a popular destination? If so, I’ve got a tip to make your wedding pictures both fun and unique!

Some of your destination’s iconic places are also probably the most crowded, and that’s okay! Make the crowds part of your picture. You may even come across some friendly bystanders who will join in on the fun to help you capture the perfect shot!

TIP #6

Plan a wedding fit for a princess when you use an old castle for your venue. All over Europe, grand estates are available for rent and make the perfect backdrop to your fairytale wedding. Most places even have enough rooms on the grounds for your guests so you can all spend time enjoying your big day together!

TIP #7

By the time you finish planning a destination wedding, you will feel like an expert on the location. But your wedding guests might not feel the same.

As the wedding date gets closer, be sure to help your guests with weather and clothing advice for the week. Giving them helpful advice about what to pack not only for the events but for activities around your destination will be a welcomed packing tip!

TIP #8

Are you considering a destination wedding but don’t know where to begin with the planning? That’s where I come in! A travel advisor will take care of the details, sort logistics, and manage travel arrangements. When you have a professional travel advisor and wedding planner team – all that’s left to do is make decisions and get excited.

TIP #9

Trying to decide which sweet treat to serve at your destination wedding? How about all of them!

Rather than having one cake, consider a dessert bar made up of local sweets from your destination. You and your guests will enjoy sampling the various treats, and you can still have a traditional cake made as well. Having a dessert bar is also a great way to incorporate the local culture into your wedding!

TIP #10

Just like planning a local wedding, you’ll want a place where you and your bridal party can get ready for your big day. With so much to think about the day of your wedding, having a space where you can all hang out and get ready will help you relax and enjoy the day. As a travel advisor, I’ll work directly with your venue to ensure you and your bridal party are taken care of!

TIP #11

Does planning a destination wedding make you feel overwhelmed?

Planning a wedding shouldn’t feel like an endless mountain of tasks. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience! As a professional travel advisor, I am here to streamline and organize the planning process for you. I’ll take care of all of the details, so all you have to do is make a few decisions and enjoy!

TIP #12

When you think of a destination wedding, what do you picture?

While most people envision a tropical beach, it’s worth considering a charming European location. From enchanted castles to charming villas, Europe is filled with dreamy destinations that would be perfect for your fairytale wedding. Whether you want something small and intimate or an extravagant formal affair, your perfect venue could be closer than you think!

TIP #13

How are you showing up to your wedding? If you haven’t thought about it yet, here are a few ideas!

Depending on your destination, you can make a really exciting entrance. From a horse-drawn carriage through a charming European town to a stylish boat in the Caribbean and even a hot air balloon, there are plenty of ways for you to make an entrance no one will forget!

TIP #14

The next question after ‘When are you getting married?’ is usually ‘Where?’ Is it going to be your hometown, theirs, the city you met, the city where you currently live?

If you’re having trouble deciding between locations, settle the debate with a destination wedding. Choose a location that is new and exciting and will be fun for you to explore. It will forever hold a special place in your lives as the place you got married and can be a place you revisit on your anniversary!

TIP #15

Choosing a season is equally as important as choosing a destination. Paris in the spring, the Caribbean in the winter, or England in the summer are all very different from their opposite seasons. When you choose your destination, you also get to pick your perfect season. If you know you want to be married in the fall, I can help you decide which destinations would be best for you!

TIP #16

Your wedding photos are something you will cherish forever.

Many years down the road, you’ll look back at your photos and be reminded of that magical day. One of the many perks of destination weddings is the location, especially when it comes to pictures.

Your destination’s stunning natural landscape will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photos.

TIP #17

Destination weddings mean that you are surrounded by picture-perfect locations for photos.

With so many gorgeous spots, it can be hard to decide which ones to choose!

Along with your wedding venue, I can help you select the best photo opportunities for you and your loved one on your special day.

TIP #18

Big, lavish weddings aren’t for everyone.

If you are a couple who is looking for a wedding that reflects your easy-going style, then it’s time to consider a destination wedding.

You can keep the ceremony as small, intimate, and casual as you want with a destination wedding.

TIP #19

If spending time with family and friends is an integral part of your wedding festivities, consider planning a destination wedding.

With everyone staying at the same, or nearby, resort, you can see your guests as much as you’d like before, during, and after the big day.

The beauty of a destination wedding is that your guests get to enjoy a little vacation as well!

TIP #20

Are you recently engaged and beginning the search for the perfect venue?

How about out of the country and somewhere exotic!

Sometimes you have to think a little outside of the box when it comes to wedding planning, and you might just find that a destination wedding is an answer to all of your questions!

TIP #21

I know you want every aspect of your wedding day to be perfect.

From the dress to the flowers and especially your bridesmaids, you want to be surrounded by things and people who make you feel special.

There’s no reason why your venue shouldn’t fall into that category as well!

Choose a destination for your wedding that is exceptional and will provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.

TIP #22

Do you want to plan a tropical destination wedding without the hassle of passports and customs?

Look no further than Puerto Rico!

This US territory is not only stunning, but it is a short flight from the US and does not require US citizens to have a passport to visit.

This means you can travel worry-free to the tropical paradise of your dreams.

TIP #23

It’s okay to be worried about guest attendance for a destination wedding.

While it seems like a big ask to have people travel across the world for your big day, you might be surprised to know how many guests will jump at the opportunity!

A destination wedding is a great excuse to take a vacation and explore a new destination, like the Greek Isles.

Your guests will love your destination just as much as you do!

TIP #24

Like with any wedding, there is still a fair amount of planning that goes into a destination wedding.

Trying to sort the details with your venue from a different time zone can be tricky, but that’s what I’m here for!

I’ll make sure no details of your wedding are overlooked, no matter where in the world you choose to get married!

TIP #25

If you’re torn between a destination wedding and celebrating your heritage with wedding traditions, I can help you to blend the two.

Destination weddings don’t mean you have to leave your wedding traditions behind.

You can still have the best of both worlds when you plan a destination wedding.

TIP #26

Your wedding is an event you want to share with all of your close friends and family, and a destination wedding is no exception.

Budgets shouldn’t have to hold anyone back from attending.

That is why I provide you and your guests with multiple options for hotels, resorts, etc., that will accommodate all budgets!

TIP #27

Your wedding is a chance for your two families to spend time together getting to know each other.

Why not combine your wedding with a family vacation?

Rather than having everyone drive-in for a weekend, spend a week relaxing at a tropical destination.

A destination wedding gives your families plenty of time to relax and connect, all while celebrating your big day.

TIP #28

Part of what makes destination weddings memorable is the location.

Embracing your destination’s natural beauty, culture, and traditions will make your day extra special.

Whether that’s wearing leis in Hawaii during your ceremony or having Polynesian music and dancers at your reception in Tahiti, you’re sure to remember those moments.

TIP #29

Flowers can be one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding, especially if they are out of season and need to be flown in.

Rather than paying to have your flowers shipped hundreds of miles, why not go straight to the source.

Having a destination wedding means you have access to local flowers that may be specific to your destination.

Just imagine having a beautiful bouquet filled with exotic flowers!


After months of wedding planning and wedding events, a honeymoon is just what you need to relax and enjoy married life.

But a honeymoon is just one more thing to plan. When you have a destination wedding, you get the luxury of planning the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon all at once.

If you have guests coming, you can choose to stay at the same report or a different one if you want more privacy.