There are so many options for a travel niche and ideal clients.

Inspiration for Marketing:

1) Mark Comfort of Cruise Holidays in Kansas City. They are the largest seller of river cruises in the US. His advice is to build a growing client list. They have 3 primary lead sources – newsletters, post card mailers, radio. Their ideal client target is 5 years before they retire up to 10 years after they retire. Those 15 years are the sweet spot to find people with money and time.

2) Story from Freddy, our Disney BDM – There is an IC in Texas, who gets most of her business from 2nd hand consignment weekends, like Just Between Friends. She didn’t have a ton of luck the first year, now most of her business is from this. She has a table setup, it’s just Disney info. Now every year, they’re expecting her there – They associate her with Disney because they see her every year at this consignment sale.

General Marketing

Your Goals as a VV Travel Agent!

General Marketing Guide

Lead Sources – Ongoing sources, that send clients to you on a regular basis.

Lead Sources Overview

Video Marketing

Blogging 101

Blog Boost – How to Promote Your Blog Posts

Content Marketing Strategy

Use Reviews / Testimonials

Guest Posting

Targeted Print Ads

HUB Networking

Partnerships / Joint Ventures

Expos and Bridal Shows

Corporate contracts – retreats, incentive trips, sales retreats

LinkedIn as a Lead Source

Reddit as a Lead Source

TripAdvisor as a Lead Source

Speaking Engagements

Media Coverage / Press Coverage

Referrals / Word-of-Mouth

Newsletters / Email Lists

Facebook Group Growth / Group Lead Source

Create QR Codes for Expos, Business Cards, etc.

Lead Source: House Party Method – Gain Clients


Why it’s important to set goals

Goal Setting / Business Snapshot – Success Planner

New Agents / Defining Your Niche

New Agents / Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar

Free Consultation Ideas

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